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One of the most astounding wonders of the world is the great Himalayan Range – a mountain range spanning across South East Asia, connecting countries like Bhutan, India, Nepal, Pakistan and Tibet. Apart from this amazing range of mountains, what brings together these five countries is a common feature, which is Diversity. Diversity in their Natural Beauty, the People and their Culture! At Himalayan Crest we seek to capture the best of these qualities.

Speaking of the mountains, out of the 100 highest peaks in the world, 80 happen to fall in these 5 countries, and if we were to include South China, bordering these 5 nations, 99 out of the 100 fall in these regions. The core 80 peaks compose the major sections of the Great Himalayan Range, and without a doubt, these peaks are any climbers’ ultimate dream to materialize. We write interesting and amazing facts on places to Visit in Himalayan Region or Indian or neighboring states which falls under Himalayan region. Lesser known or most popular Places to visit in Jammu and Kahmir, Himachal Pradesh, Uttarakhand, Sikkim, Arunachal Pradesh, West Bengal, Part of China, Tibet, Nepal and Bhutan. Important travel Trips, information and trekking routes to Himalaya.

Since their discovery to this very day, there have been nothing but stories about them – the tales of conquers, the accounts of defeats and the anecdotes of loses. At Himalayan Crest, we look forward to share such stories, and add to the magnificence of the majestic mountains that model the Himalayas.

It goes without saying that the landscape around any mountain is marvelous in its own right, no matter the country. The mountains in these regions are accompanied by beautiful hills, forests and other natural phenomenon. A range of rare and eccentric flora and fauna thrive in the hundreds of designated sanctuaries, in these areas. Every year, millions of tourists, both internal and from abroad, aim to explore these marvels. They take a trip to and around these peaks, looking for thrill, adventure, fun, and a little bit of peace.

Also residing in these regions is another amazing creation of nature – Homo sapiens, or as we’d like to call them – Humans. People have been living in these sectors for literally thousands of years, and in this time, they have established their own ways, which make them unique and give them their identity. From their very own languages, to their styles of clothing, the food items, the life styles, the forms of music, everything! Every single attribute of theirs would make you want more and more, and interest you, pulling you deeper and deeper.

Our objective is to guide such individuals by offering them true, unbiased, beneficial, and most importantly, interesting information. About the places, the people, what’s hot and what’s not! The ones that they can use to determine what route to take, what to do and what not to, and ultimately make their journey effortless, and further fascinating.

So join us in this roller coaster ride to the north, up in the hills and further up in to the mountains! Making memories, and sharing information! That’s what Himalayan Crest is all about!