Top 10 Countries With Most Skyscrapers In The World

Top 10 Countries With Most Skyscrapers In The World

Ever looked up at the sky and marveled at those super tall buildings that seem to touch the clouds? Yep, those are skyscrapers! They’re like real-life giants in the city. But guess what? Some countries have more of these sky-touching wonders than others. In this article, we’re going on a cool adventure to discover the top 10 countries with the most skyscrapers. Imagine how exciting it’ll be to explore places where buildings seem to compete in reaching for the stars. So, get ready to learn about these countries that have turned the sky into their canvas of architectural awesomeness!

To be considered a skyscraper, one building must be tall and measured 150 meters plus (150m +) That is the standard to be counted as a skyscraper, but of course, you can go higher than that but not lower, because if it is lower, it will just a building. As to which countries have the most skyscrapers, we have here a list showing the least number of buildings to the country with the most number.

Countries with the most skyscrapers (from least to most)

#10. Philippines

Surprise surprise! The Philippines is a Southeast Asian nation with over 125 skyscrapers. As a country belonging to the third-world category, it is surprising that the Philippines is on the top 10 list. Having skyscrapers in a country means that the economy is doing great and that the country is not considered poor even though it is categorized in the third-world category. Makati City, Philippines has the most skyscrapers in the country. It is a city considered to be full of corporate opportunities and if you don’t want to live in subdivisions, numerous condominiums and apartment buildings are waiting for you.

most skyscrapers in the world

#9. Canada

Canada has a total of 133 skyscrapers, and most of them are in Toronto. Some people when they hear the country Canada will think of places full of suburbs and forests and all, but in Toronto, the most famous city, skyscrapers are rampant. Also, take note of this, Toronto is not the capital of Canada, it is Ottawa.

Top 10 Countries With Most Skyscrapers In The World

#8. Indonesia

Indonesia is also part of the ASEAN nation, a southeast Asian country with over 133 skyscrapers in total. Where to find these skyscrapers? Of course to its capital Jakarta! most of the cities where the skyscrapers are are really the capital of the country, but in most cases too such as in Canada, happens.

10 Countries With Most Skyscrapers In The World

#7. Australia

Even though Australia is seen as a place with open spaces and lots of bay areas, beaches, and all, it still has a whopping 143 skyscrapers. And it is not in Sydney, you can find the most skyscrapers in Melbourne. Often times Sydney, or Melbourne is mistaken as the capital of Australia; it is wrong. The capital of Australia is Canberra.

Countries With Most Skyscrapers In The World

#6. Malaysia

Another member of the ASEAN, Malaysia is also a Southeast Asian Nation with over 258 skyscrapers in total. You can find most of these skyscrapers in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia’s capital.

Top 10 Countries With Most Skyscrapers

#5. Japan

With over 273 skyscrapers, Japan is in the middle. And you can guess where to find most of these skyscrapers—in Tokyo! Tokyo is the most famous metropolitan city in Japan with being the most populous city in the world, many people are in Tokyo for work, residency, school, etc. In Tokyo, you can rarely see trees especially when you are in the deepest metropolitan area where you can find a lot of entertainment establishments.

Top 10 Countries With Skyscrapers In The World

#4. South Korea

With 276 skyscrapers, South Korea outnumbered Japan by 3 buildings. When you hear the country of South Korea, the city of Seoul would be the most talked about, as it is the capital of South Korea. Similar to Japan where most skyscrapers are in their capital city, you can almost find everything in Seoul too, ranging from entertainment establishments, to work, to schools, restaurants, etc.

Top 10 Countries With Most Skyscrapers In The World

#3. United Arab Emirates

Down to the top 3.  United Arab Emirates (UAE) has over 323 skyscrapers. And you can find it in the most obvious city when in UAE—Dubai. Dubai is known to be the most metropolitan area in the country and it is one the places most visited by tourists, With many tourist destination stops, it is the most obvious city for skyscrapers to rise.

Countries With Most Skyscrapers In The World

#2. United States

Top 2 on the list. The United States Of America has 872 skyscrapers, and you can also guess where to find them, and this bet can never go wrong, just like in Alicia Keys’s song “concrete jungle where dreams are made of”— New York City! No doubt New York has to be the metropolitan city of America, with lots of apartment complexes, corporate buildings, condominiums, and lots of hotels, America comes in second. Also, take note, New York City isn’t the capital of the United States, it is Washington D.C.

#1. China

Down to the country with the most skyscrapers— China! It has a whopping 3033 and above skyscrapers! And take note, you can find most of this in Hong Kong, the most metropolitan area and most famous city in the Republic of China. Beijing is the capital of China, and it has also lots of skyscrapers and buildings but Hong Kong has to have most of them. Considering China is one of the most populated countries, we can assume that most of these skyscrapers are either apartment complexes or condominiums for families or for residents.

China Skyscrapers

From the bustling streets of Asia to the iconic cityscapes of North America and beyond, our journey through the world of skyscrapers has revealed the true global reach of human creativity and engineering prowess. These towering structures aren’t just about height; they symbolize innovation, dreams, and the never-ending quest to touch new heights both literally and metaphorically. As we conclude our exploration, let’s continue to be inspired by these urban giants that remind us of our ability to shape the world around us and create extraordinary landmarks that stand the test of time.