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Himalayancrest.com writes true, informative, unbiased and interesting travel information about the places, the people, foods and trekking routes to Himalayan region. The site himalayancrest.com smells of the Himalayas so focuses specifically on the Himalayan Range – a range of mountains going from Indian state of Arunachal Pradesh in the east till Jammu & Kashmir in the west.  It goes without saying that the landscape around any mountain is marvelous in its own right, no matter the country. The mountains in these regions are accompanied by beautiful hills, forests and other natural phenomenon. A range of rare and eccentric flora and fauna thrive in the hundreds of designated sanctuaries, in these areas. Every year, millions of tourists, both internal and from abroad, aim to explore these marvels. They take a trip to and around these peaks, looking for thrill, adventure, fun, and a little bit of peace.

Our objective is to guide every traveler, by offering them true, unbiased, beneficial, and most importantly, interesting information. About the places, the people, what’s hot and what’s not! The ones that they can use to determine what route to take, what to do and what not to, and ultimately make their journey effortless, and further fascinating. So join us in this roller coaster ride to the north, up in the hills and further up in to the mountains! Making memories, and sharing information! That’s what Himalayan Crest is all about!

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Travel, Tourism & Trekking Information About Himalayan Region