10 Hottest Countries In the World You Might Not Want To Visit

hottest countries in the world

Not every country is the same. This is taught to every child in their young days at school, not every country experiences four seasons— summer, autumn, winter, and spring. Science classes taught us that the earth rotates on an axis and does revolve around the sun. Now, on our planet, there is an imaginary line located in the middle of the Earth, this is called the equator. It is scientifically proven that all countries or islands situated at the equator experiences hot weather, or they are called tropical countries. These countries do not share a four-season, they don’t have winter, autumn, and spring, but let’s consider summer too. Tropical countries only have two (2) seasons— wet and dry season.

Now, every tropical country’s temperature differs from another even though they are all sharing a spot at the equator, there are still countries with the highest temperature, and we are going to tackle that. If you are interested in which countries are considered the hottest in the whole world, then you might want to dive deeper into this article.


Listed are the 10 hottest countries in the world. The following are listed randomly:

#1. Djibouti

From the eastern part of Africa, another low-income country in the list that relies on port services. A hot country with an average temperature of 28.38°C. Similar to a lot of deserts this country has an arid type of tropical climate; though it has regions that are mountainous the Country overall feels high temperatures due to high evaporation all around the year. 2018 was crowned as the hottest country on earth, but some countries this year have more readings that might be hotter, but undoubtedly this country is scorching.

The best time to get into this country if you want to visit the “Lac ‘Assal” or its landmarks would be around November to March for even though it is still hot, it will not be as fiercely hot as other times of the year.

10 Hottest Countries In the World You Might Not Want To Visit

#2. Mali

Mali is one of the countries with the hottest for all intents and purposes average temperature recorded, this country is located in West Africa and bordered by the middle of the Sahara Desert and the Sahel region, Mali is a generally poor country with a very unstable politics and tons of rebellion, or so they thought. This country does experience very minimal rain which makes drought a generally big part of its seasons, it is an issue for this is also one of its reason for being very hot, which mostly is quite significant.

With an average temperature of 28.83°C – it is also located very near the thermal equator which definitely has an effect of a very dry season from March to June and little to know winter or rain from June to September, which is quite significant. The best time to visit Mali would be when it’s called which is from November to February when it is a little cooler. Though when visiting around this time it would be great to have some dust-proof ready gear for the dry desert wind that can blow at these times.

Source: Climates To Travel

#3. Qatar

Qatar experiences long summers from May to September and it even has the hottest summer temperature on record. This Gulf State has an average temperature of 28.02°C. But beware of spending your summers in Qatar because its temperature can even reach up to 50°C!

10 Hottest Countries In the World

#4. Senegal

As a big part of this list, most countries are from Africa’s continent; which automatically allows these countries to enter the list, and Senegal, Dakar is no change. Dakar has very long summers that are hot and oppressive. Senegal has its climate conditioned by the tropical latitude of its country, where the low pressure which by the way is hot and dry air blows to it cause of the seasonal migration that is caused by the intertropical convergence zone.

It hovers the whole year with its warm atmosphere and gains an average warm temperature of 28.65°C. Senegal is also composed of 2 lands, the coastal and the interior; the interior’s way hotter for the land basically has no place to breathe. Luckily just like other countries from December to April; winter does visit the country and makes the temperature hover around 25°C which makes Senegal a good spot for visitors and travelers.

Hottest Countries In the World You Might Not Want To Visit

#5. Palau

Palu is a small island that is known for its beautiful natural scenery and beaches. It is located in the Pacific Ocean with an average temperature of 28.04°C. With other island nations across the world, Palau has the hottest temperature. We all know that if the country has beautiful beaches and sun, it is usually a tropical country, but Palau being the tropical country that it is, still exceeded when it comes to high temperatures.

Hottest Countries In the World You Might Not Want To Visit

#6. Bahrain

Bahrain is a country in the Middle East that is considered to be also one of the hottest countries. Its average temperature is 28.23 °C making it the hottest country in the Middle East!

10 Hottest Countries In the World

#7. Burkina Faso

Another country in this list located on the continent of Africa, Burkina Faso with a very dense population is also one of the countries that experience extra amounts of heat throughout the years. The heat in this country averages 28.71°C. It is also very close to the equator which brings the heat, it being in a transition zone between the Sahara Desert and other regions in the south contributes to its dry and hot climate it is also a country where the sea has little to no influence which makes its highest temperature go up to 36-42°C though there is sometimes a little relief from all this during its small or quick rainy season.

It would be a good while to wait for late October to December when the climate does not feel like it is trying to toast you. It might be a little dustier just like Mali but the temperatures are a lot more manageable and you’ll be able to enjoy Burkina Faso better and travel to some of its landmarks such as the Domes de Fabedougou.

#8. Mauritania

Mauritania is still a country even though you can see on the maps that it is nearly almost engulfed by the vast Sahara desert. This is another country in West Africa with an average of 28.34°C yearly.

10 Hottest Countries In the World You Might Not Want To Visit

#9. Tuvalu

A country that is not from Africa. This list with a scorching average hot temperature of 28.45°C, located in Oceania in a subtle way. With a very for all intents and purposes tropical climate that means it experiences a kind of wet season from November to April and a particularly dry season from May to October; the overall temperature for this country is still very hot and rarely does it actually get a winter feeling the definitely cold breeze in a subtle way.

Though this country is very visitable at any time of the year; it, for the most part, is advisable to wear comfortable wearables and clothing that allows your body to breathe; for this country has a really warm specific feel all year.

10 Hottest Countries In the World You Might

#10. Gambia

This tropical country with lots of jungle sometimes experiences sunlight all throughout the year making it seem like it does not rain at all. Since it is a jungle nation, expect the breezes that come from the trees and all but don’t expect it to be cool and all, you can even bathe at natural water resources such as springs or lakes with over 25°C in temperature. Gambia has an average temperature of 27.97°C.

10 Hottest Countries In the World You Might Not Want To Visit

These countries experience scorching temperatures, especially during their summer months, which can make outdoor activities challenging and potentially dangerous if proper precautions are not taken. If you plan to visit these countries, it’s essential to stay hydrated, wear appropriate clothing, and avoid prolonged exposure to the sun during peak hours. Despite the fact that these countries have the hottest temperatures, these countries are still beautiful with beautiful citizens. Someday, who knows you might visit one of these places.