5 Mysterious Places In The World Where Gravity Not Work

As we all are aware that anything on the earth falls when it is thrown into the air, this is due to the gravitational pull of the earth. If we tell you that there are some such mysterious places on earth where this gravitational force does not work, will you believe this?. In today’s article, we will explore some such places where gravity does not work properly.

1# Santa Cruz Mystery Spot of USA:-

Mysterious Places Where Gravity Not Work
Close-up of a swellshark (Cephaloscyllium ventriosum) off Flame Reef, Santa Cruz, Channel Islands, California.

This place in California, America is known as a Gravitational anomaly. At this place, the laws of gravity and physics work in a slightly different way. In the year 1939, a survey team discovered this place. This place was opened to the common people in 1940, and since then till today this place has remained a mystery for the people.

Spread over 150 feet in diameter area, this place has become a tourist place. In this place, if you stand in such a posture which is impossible according to the laws of posture gravity and physics. Some people say that an alien spacecraft is buried under it, due to which gravity does not work properly here. But the truth is that it is just an illusion, this place has been designed in such a way that standing here we are seen leaning to one side. 

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2# The Hoover Dam Of The USA:-

Mysterious Places Where Gravity Not Work

Next on this list is the Hoover Dam. This dam built on the Colorado River is the largest dam in America. The construction work of this dam was started in 1931. It took 5 years to build this dam. The height of this very large-looking dam is 726 feet. Due to its huge size and height, this dam has become a tourist spot. Although people come to see it not only because of its height but also because of its extraordinary gravity.

If a person stands on this dam and pours water downwards, instead of falling down, the water comes up. People come from far and wide to see this miracle of nature. It is said that the government deliberately built this dam in an area of ​​extraordinary gravity. Whatever the reason, this dam is a lot of entertainment for tourists. This mountainous area present in Turkey is no less than a wonder.

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3# Mount Aragates Of Turkey:-

Torla Ordesa, church with the mountains at bottom, Pyrinees Spain vertical.

This mountainous area present in Turkey is no less than a wonder. The laws of gravity work inversely on a particular part of this mountain. To quote, if you keep the ball on the road, instead of rolling down, the ball rolls up. It is easy to climb this hill uphill while it is difficult to descend downhill. This place has become a tourist spot for people, people from different parts of the world come to see it. Now the question is whether this place reverses the laws of gravity.

This wonder is not of the gravity of this place, it is just an optical illusion. The special thing is that these illusions have not been created by any human but by the earth itself. The path which is seen to our eyes going upwards is going down. The view all around this special place makes this illusion. Due to this we see the gravity of this place inverted.

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 4# Oregon Vortex Of USA:-

The Oregon Vortex is the oldest mysterious place discovered in America. Where the Laws of Gravity Don’t Work Properly. This place was first discovered by Native Americans. Due to the strange gravity here, even animals do not come to this place. At that time many people did not know the rules of Science of Gravity, so people considered this place to be magical and dangerous. Even today the animals hesitate to come to this place. In the year 1930, this place was opened for tourists.

The clouds moving over this place also move in a strange way. Looking at the clouds, it seems as if they are running away from this place. This place has become a tourist place for the people and every month thousands of people come to experience this place. Even today’s modern science could not find out the hidden secret of this place. This is what makes this place different from other places.

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  5# Jeju mysterious road in South korea.:-

It is a beautiful scenery of “Midge Jujujiri” in Seogwipo, Jeju.

This road built in South Korea is famous all over the world due to its mysterious gravitational bridge. It is believed that the laws of gravity do not work here. In this road, the vehicles parked in the neutral position start moving on their own, not downwards but upwards, people are surprised to see this sight. Apart from this, if you see other things like throwing bottles etc., then they also start rolling upwards instead of down. Scientists believe that this is only due to optical illusion. The view around this road creates this optical illusion. Due to which the thing that is rolling downwards appears to be rolling upwards.

Well, whatever happens, this sight is worth seeing.  The world is full of strange things and places. So Nothing is impossible in this small world. These are  some places in the world where gravity does not work properly . These places are very amazing and fascinating at the same time. We always try to tell you something new through our blogs.

Happy Travel!