Best Countries To Study In Europe With A Schengen Visa

Some of the most renowned universities and schools in the world are located in the European Union. Europe provides a wealth of chances for advanced study in addition to fantastic destinations for tourists. The degree programs offered by major European universities are recognized all around the world. You might be able to pursue full-time studies within the Schengen Area if you have a Schengen Visa. The specifics will depend on the visa’s requirements, but if you’re a non-EU citizen wishing to enroll in an EU university and you’re not a citizen of the EU, you must apply for a Schengen visa. Here are the Best Countries To Study In Europe With A Schengen Visa.

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Best Countries To Study In Europe With A Schengen Visa

A Schengen Visa could give you the right to study full-time in the Schengen Zone. The exact terms will depend on the conditions of the visa, but if you’re looking to join an EU university and you are a non-EU citizen, you need to apply for a Schengen visa. Once you have your visa, you can consider studying in all the following destinations:

1# Greece

Greece has one of the best systems in the world because it is a center for sciences and philosophy. Greece is also very much affordable. It is a leader in education thanks to its numerous renowned universities. With a Schengen visa, entrance to the facilities is possible.

Living in Greece is surprisingly affordable. It requires 500 EUR – 700 EUR per month to survive in Greece. EU country’s students get free bachelor’s studies whereas non-EU students require around 1500 Euro tuition fees.

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2# Austria

Public schools are free in the Republic of Austria. Austria is a great place to study the arts, music, automobiles, and many other subjects. You can take advantage of Austria’s free education programs if you are an EU citizen. The study of commerce, music, the arts, and automobiles are all in fine harmony.

If you come from a European Union (EU) country, you probably have no tuition fees at Austrian Public Universities. So along with music and automobile, you can have careers in arts and business. The cost of studies is 800 EUR – 1500 EUR per year and the living cost lies between 800 Eur0 – 1200 Eur0 per month.

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3# Italy-

Italy offers excellent conventional education that is also extremely affordable because to its rich culture and legacy. Numerous prominent universities where one can study the arts, economics, or retail can be found in Italy. The oldest university in existence is in Bologna.

Bachelor’s degree on average costs 1200 EUR per year for public universities. The living cost varies from 600-1100 EUR per month. Therefore, Italy is considered cost-effective for most international universities.

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4# Poland

Aside from its rich history, culture, and economy, Poland also draws students’ interest with its world-class academic institutions, dynamic culture, and education that is comparably less expensive than in other areas of Europe. For those with skills in many languages as well as those in the medical and IT areas, there are many work chances. Poland is a fantastic destination to live and work because of all these factors.

You can live very comfortably for around €500 per month, leaving plenty of cash for your studies. But if you don’t know the Polish language, then it will cost you 2000 EUR per year to learn to speak Polish. The living cost is a low ranging from 400 EUR – 700 EUR

5# Finland

The Finnish language is a little more difficult to learn than some of the other options above, but the nation boasts several excellent universities and many English speakers. The educational system in Finland is unconcerned with illogical or false merit-based systems. There isn’t any competition here.

The living expenses are affordable 700- 1100 EUR. If you are an EU (European Union) country student, then bachelor’s programs are free for you in public universities. Also, for non-UC students costs start from 1500 EUR. Finland has a young educational system with an environment filled with natural beauty, snowy hills, and a very high quality of life.

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6# Portugal

The country of Portugal is stunning and diverse, and several of its universities are among the best in the world. In the first QS Rankings, Portugal’s higher education system was rated as the 35th best in the world. Portugal is home to several prominent polytechnics, which concentrate on training students for a particular job route, in addition to its top universities. Portugal’s public education system is generally of good quality. In spite of this, children from other countries could have trouble if they don’t learn Portuguese, the language of instruction.

The tuition fee is around 500 EUR – 1500 EUR per year. You can enjoy sports, nightlife, great music, and amazing views for just 500 – 800 EUR per month in Portugal.

7# Germany

The benefits of studying in Germany are numerous and excellent. Numerous courses are offered by top colleges, many of which are taught in English. The majority of courses have no tuition fees, and students should find living expenses reasonable. German educational standards are generally very high, both in local schools and in higher education institutions. In fact, the German educational system produces some of the most brilliant students in the world precisely because it is so well-organized and rigorous. It is well-known for its capabilities in engineering, manufacturing, and economics.

The tuition cost is zero at public universities, and if this alone does not satisfy you, then the living cost is also below 1000 EUR. This makes Germany highly affordable for bachelor’s degrees.

8# Lithuania

In addition to being safe and reasonably priced, Lithuania also receives top marks for its workforce happiness and work-life balance. In general, Lithuanian officials allow nearly all requests for Schengen Visas, making it the easiest country to do so.

The cost of living is one of the lowest in Lithuania throughout Europe which is around 200 – 400 EUR per month. Universities here focus on theoretical as well as practical teaching for the benefit of students in professional work. Tuition fees here range from 1150- 5000 EUR per year in public universities.

9# Spain

One of the best places in Europe for foreign students to study and work in Spain, which offers a Mediterranean climate and a welcoming environment. Here, students can pursue bachelor’s degrees in commerce, political science, design, and the arts. According to nominal GDP, it ranks fourteenth globally and fifth in Europe. Spain is a participant in both the Eurozone and the European Union.

Tuition fees for international students range from 700 EUR – 3500 EUR and living expense is between 600 EUR – 1000 EUR including food bills and transportation, etc. You will be amazed by the long lunch breaks and cuisine in Spain.

10# France

One of the world’s most renowned educational systems is found in France. It is also one of the European nations that annually welcomes the most foreign students. Because of its rich culture, delectable cuisine, beautiful architecture, and vibrant student scene, France is the perfect country to earn your degree while studying abroad. You can pick up the language while gaining cultural insight by studying in France.

For a master’s degree, France is affordable with numerous institutions. It costs around 150 – 650 EUR per year. Average living costs including food, traveling, entertainment and housing are about 700 EUR- 950
EUR per month. Pursuing a Ph.D. is more expensive than a bachelor’s and master’s here. France has the most balanced work culture in the world. They balance their work with their personal life and work for 35 hours per week strictly.

So by this, we are closing this article on the Best Countries To Study In Europe With A Schengen Visa. Plan your higher studies or future plans accordingly in your favorite destination which suits you well with your Schengen visa. Share your valuable feedback in our comment section below.