15 Do’s And Don’ts To Know Before Travelling To Malta

15 Do's And Don'ts To Know Before Travelling To Malta

Malta, an archipelago located in the Mediterranean Sea, is a stunning destination known for its rich history, vibrant culture, and beautiful landscapes. Whether you’re planning a beach vacation, exploring historical sites, or indulging in Mediterranean cuisine, Malta offers a unique travel experience. Before embarking on your journey, it’s helpful to familiarize yourself with some important do’s and don’ts to ensure a smooth and enjoyable trip. By respecting local customs, traditions, and regulations, you’ll make the most of your time in Malta and leave with wonderful memories. Let’s dive into the do’s and don’ts to know before traveling to Malta.

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So without further ado. Let us talk about the 15 Do’s and Don’ts before traveling to this country.

#1. Do your research.

Researching for Malta

You have probably started doing your research hence why you are in this blog post/ But some good idea’s to search for before visiting the country would be what it has to offer. This way, you can plan your itinerary and make a good list of places and activities you and the people going with you would enjoy. Also, research about the lands, the amount of cash to bring, and what to avoid. Being ready ahead is always a plus

#2. Don’t Forget your Passport.


As most people know, Malta is a part of the European landscape, meaning you will not need a passport if you travel from another European country. However, most people who will be reading this blog would probably come from another country, not Europe. You need to bring your Passport to get in and out of it. Ensure it is also updated and valid for at least quite some time before your planned date to enter this country.

#3. Do bring Comfy Clothes and Shoes.

Comfy Clothes and Shoes

Of course, this is a must. Malta is a small island with a lot of nature, environment, landscape, and activities to do and view. There would be a lot of walking around, especially if you love to see the real sight that the island offers. Having comfy clothes and shoes would allow you to fully experience the fun in these hikes, walks, and roaming. So make sure you equip not just nice looking clothes and shoes for photos but also those that are comfy and know you can be in them for hours.

#4. Don’t forget to dress appropriately.

Appropriate Dresses

This country is a fun country with a lot to visit. One of the things in it, too, is that this country is very conservative. Well, at least the people in it. The visitors of this country need to wear clothes that are appropriate for the occasion, especially when visiting popular traditional areas and religious sitings. Make sure that you wear clothes that are comfy yet not too revealing.

#5. Do make sure to try the Maltese Cuisine.


Hey, this is a big must if you are visiting a country. It would be best if you were trying the Maltese’s local cuisine since Maltese cuisine is a fusion of Mediterranean and North African cuisine flavors and spices with a lot of fresh seafood from the island and very delicious pastries; make sure as well that you try the local specialties such as the pastizzi that they offer and the famous rabbit stew.

#6. Don’t drink the Tap Water.

Don't drink the tap water

Yes, it may be a popular thing on this Island. Tap water is very tempting, especially if you have been roaming around the country for a while and want a little bit of relaxing with drinking water. But never drink Tap water from this country; it is unsafe, and some report it is contaminated water. So even the people there prefer that you buy bottled water from reputable sources.

#7. Do make sure to visit Valletta.

Valletta Malta

Valletta is a common word or place in this country. Since it is the Capital City of Malta, it is one of the homes of the island’s extensive specific, and unique beautiful architecture and historical sites. This place literally has the St. John’s Co-Cathedral, a very popular cathedral, and the infamous Grand Master’s Palace. Yes, those places are located in Malta inside the capital city of it, which is Valletta. So if you have come from a faraway place, take advantage of the opportunity. Make sure to check it.

#8. Don’t forget to explore the Gozo.

Gozo Malta

Near Malta’s sister island, Gozo. This island has one of the most popular beaches in Europe, and its natural landmarks are remarkable. This includes the fantastic view from the Azure Window and the majestic Ramla Bay. Those are only a few landmarks you will see within the Gozo-It is a must explore the area.

#9. Do use Public Transportation.

public transpo

Although this country allows people to use their vehicles, it is very beneficial to those who are only traveling to this country for the first time to use Public transportation. Since Malta has an excellent and reliable, affordable public transportation system, visitors like you who are reading this post must use it. It is one of the best ways to explore the island. Still, also, these spots of transportation frequently go to those areas that are major tourist destinations within Malta.

#10. Don’t be afraid to Haggle.

Haggling on foods

Have you ever heard of the word Haggle before? Haggle is another term for a bargain. Well, in Malta’s market, you being a tourist, are subjected to high prices of souvenirs and other things. However, a lot of people in this country are kind. They would still want to earn extra from those who do not know the actual prices of the items they buy. So one of the best tips to do in the country, especially when buying something unique from it, is to haggle. Get those haggling practices down and apply them in this country.

#11. Do learn the Maltese language.

People in Maltese

Only some of the language. Of course, people in this country can understand and speak even a little fluent English. Still, this country and the people in it would, of course, be appreciative when the tourists do use their native tongue. When visitors create and add effort to their things before visiting the country of Malta. Such phrases as Bonġu, which means Hi or hello, and Grazzi, as thank you. Those who hear you utter those words may be amazed or greatly appreciative. Also, in more traditional places, these basic Maltese phrases will surely help you a lot.

#12. Don’t touch the turtles.


Turtles can be so adorable that you want to pet and touch them. Especially in a place full of it, such as Malta. If you did, your research Malta is home to multiple species of Sea turtles. Of course, one of Malta’s policies is not to disturb them. Especially touch them. Always admire the beauty of these little fellas, and who knows, they might even wave at you.

#13. Do use or take a boat for tours.


Even though Malta is an Island with many lovely amazing views from the land, you would want to consider it at some point to travel by boat. You see, one of the best ways to see Malta with being by boat. You are traveling to explore the hidden coves, caves, and natural landmarks that are only accessible if you decide to ride a boat. So make sure you do and access everything that you will be able to get yourself into. Be adventurous!

#14. Don’t ignore safety warning signs.

Warning Signs

As safe as this country may be. It is always imperative to pay attention to your surroundings, especially if you are visiting traditional or ancient places from this place. Malta’s very high in safety, so make sure you check the surroundings of it for Safety warning signs, especially in those places where there are activities involved, like hiking. If you are with a tour guide, they would be your number one safety warner, so follow the guidelines.

#15. Do embrace their Culture.


As stated in earlier facts or Dos and Don’ts, this country is a pure country. It is very rich in its history and the presented culture from its past. They have embraced it, and as you should. I know you are a visitor, but you will be exempt from enjoying the country’s traditional local festivals and events available for free. Try everything the country offers and leave the Island with beautiful experiences from the deep roots of its incredible culture.

Traveling to Malta offers a captivating blend of history, culture, and natural beauty. By following the do’s and don’ts mentioned in this article, you can ensure a memorable and respectful experience during your visit. Remember to embrace the warmth and hospitality of the Maltese people, respect local customs, and savor the diverse cuisine. Take advantage of public transportation, explore the historical and cultural attractions, and appreciate the breathtaking landscapes.

Additionally, prioritize environmental conservation, protect yourself from the sun, and stay hydrated. By immersing yourself in the charms of Malta while being mindful of these guidelines, you’ll create lasting memories and leave with a deep appreciation for this remarkable Mediterranean destination. Enjoy your travels to Malta!