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We are looking for travel bloggers, writers, and adventurers who can write about their experiences, tips, guides, and thoughts with a minimum of 2000 words. Write a well-researched, well-covered, unique, and informative article worth reading. All content must be original, plagiarism-free, and not previously published anywhere else. If you travel a lot and love to share your travel experience, this could be a great opportunity for you worth rewarding. This could also be a great opportunity to showcase your work to your aspiring employer, friends, or colleagues. Your article will be featured on our home page and will show YOUR name as the writer.

If your article is approved and published on our website, you stand a chance to win US$75 * (*If your article receives more than 10,000 real visitors in a month). Payments are made 30 days following the achievement. However, You still get a guaranteed $20 for each article that is approved but does not even receive 10k visitors.

What do we accept?

You should only cover the location where you currently live, have previously stayed, or have visited frequently if you’re writing an article for us. You might talk about well-known tourist attractions in your town or locality, amusing facts, essential safety advice and packing lists, exceptional and little-known information, famous eateries, inexpensive lodging options, and backpacker hotspots that are the safest places to stay. You must use clear, high-quality photos that are free of copyright violations, either one you took yourself or obtained from friends or family.

How to contact us and submit your article?

Send us an email at [email protected] with a brief cover story on the location and subject you want to write about. Once your topic has been approved, you are free to begin writing about it. To make the content suitable for our readers or to improve the information, we may ask you to make one or two revisions after submission.

Please note that we get a lot of requests, so there’s a chance that we won’t accept your content on a particular subject or that we won’t respond for a while. Please be patient as we try to fulfill all genuine requests from our aspiring writers.

Thank you for reading and go ahead and send us your pitch to us. We look forward to seeing your content on our blog soon!