9 Amazingly Beautiful Beaches In The World

When we think of traveling the first destination that comes to our mind is Beaches and sea coast around the world. There are a number of beaches in the world. You can swim and enjoy traveling to these places. No doubt, it gives us different pleasure. Not only swimming but you can enjoy the weather of these destinations. Today we are writing you the best beaches around the world which will enhance your traveling experience. Moreover, we are sharing interesting facts regarding each of them.


9 Amazingly Beautiful Beaches In The World
Yachts & pleasure boats moored in the turquoise waters just off Shipwreck Beach of Zakynthos. To the locals, it’s known as Navagio Beach. Stranded on the sand is the wreck of the Panagiotis (originally built in Scotland in 1937, and called the Saint Bedan), wrecked in 1980 and possibly engaged in nefarious, smuggler-type activities.

Navagio beach is considered to be the one of most beautiful beaches in the world. After traveling from the airlines we can reach here by water means. This beach is surrounded by mountains from all sides. Here tourists travel from many different countries. But Specifically Korean and Chinese natives love this place. On one hand, travelers can be seen partying here, on the other hand, they came to relax their minds and soul. Being a popular tourist destination, you can find all arrangements for staying and eating.

Interesting Fact:– You can stay here only for 20 to 30 minutes. After this, you must have to go back by boat. You cannot go here at night. because the government does not allow it.

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9 Amazingly Beautiful Beaches In The World
Wave of the blue sea on the sand beach on vacation.

The second one on our list is White Heaven Beach situated in Australia. The view around this beach is so beautiful that once you see it, you can’t stop admiring its beauty. This is the perfect place for taking beach pictures and making videos. Here you can find White colored soil. It shines very brightly in the rays of the sun. The soil here is not as hot as the rest of the Soil, So, You can roam here in the afternoon even without footwear. Isn’t it fascinating!!.

Interesting fact:– 1 This soil can damage electronic things like mobile phones. The reason is a strong ray is emitted by unusual phenomena according to scientists.

2  Smoking and carrying dogs are strictly prohibited on this beach. The government has implemented this rule to maintain the beauty of this place. Due to its uniqueness, this destination is very popular among tourists.


9 Amazingly Beautiful Beaches In The World
Scenic aerial view of Tulum beach at sunset

This third beach on our list is Tulum Beach situated in Mexico. This beach is considered the most beautiful beach in this country. Millions of people come here every year to spend their holidays. The golden sunrays and the white sand make this beach more attractive. Mexico is full of Beautiful Cities and other Fantastic Beaches.

Interesting fact:– This beach is famous as a couple of destinations. If you come here with your partner then it surely is a very memorable moment for you. You can find a complete arrangement for food and accommodation specially for couples in this place.

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9 Amazingly Beautiful Beaches In The World
Aerial View of the famous Pileh Lagoon. The small and beautiful Bay is located within the Island Ko Phi Phi Leh just south of the main Island Ko Phi Phi Don.

This beach is situated in Thailand and is surrounded by micro forests and lofty valleys. The reason behind its beauty is the clear water it is carrying. You can find the water on this sea coast crystal clear and with no pollutants. This is the best destination for marine creature lovers. Travelers can see different colored fish here. To maintain the beauty and natural environment of this place, the government and legal authorities of this place are giving their best contribution. Not only this, even natives cares about the beauty of this place.

Interesting fact:- 1 Due to its beauty, this beach has also been shown in the Hollywood movie The Beach.

  1. Currently, surfing and swimming are also banned
  2. According to the ministry’s regulations, up to 380 tourists can visit the island every hour so as not to disturb the balance of nature.


The pink sands of Elafonisi are caused by crushed shells and coral

Elafnosi beach in Greece stood at 5th place when it comes to top beaches in the world. This is a huge pink beach that is spread over the raised banks of 1 mile. This beach has an important role in enhancing the beauty of Greece. This is also known as the 2nd most beautiful beach in Europe. Being a popular place in Greece, you can find easy traveling here and the best part is you can enjoy all comfortability required for the tourists. To enjoy the beauty and mindblowing maintained with all facilities we suggest our readers once visit this beach.

Interesting fact:– 1. Winter weather is the best to visit this beach. The weather here is very pleasant in winter.2. This beach’s white and red sand and its warm water make it different from other beaches.


9 Amazingly Beautiful Beaches In The World
Rynisfjara Black Sand Lava Beach Panorama. Drone Point of view to the famous Reynisdrangar Basalt Sea Stack Cliffs in the North Atlantic Ocean along Rynisfjara Black Sand Lava Beach, close to Vik i Myrdal, the southernmost tip of Iceland. Stacked XXXL Panorama. Rynisfjara, Vik I Myrdal, South Central Iceland, Iceland, Nordic Countries, Europe

We are adding Renisfjara beach of Iceland to the 6th number of our list. This beach is one of the most famous black soil beaches in the world. The praise for this beautiful beach can’t be expressed in words. Because there is no end to the breathtaking views of this place. Waves rising with strong winds add to the beauty of this place. This beach is famous due to its contrast made up of sand and water. Just imagine Black sand with white water. The Beauty of nature is soo unexpected.

Interesting fact:- 1 Not only the beauty but This sand is also considered good for skin and you are not allowed to take this sand at home with you. 2 if you want to see this beach, then the best time will be from October to December.


9 Amazingly Beautiful Beaches In The World
A Washington State Ferry traveling across Puget Sound at sunset with the Olympic Mountains in the background.

This beach is also called the beach of stars. You must have felt strange to hear about the shining star in the blue water of the sea, not the sky. But You can this view at Maldive’s this beach. On this beach, there is no light at night but you will get to see many blue color stars here, and hence it is called by this name. You will feel as if the stars have come and fallen into the sea, but The interesting part is these are not stars but small plants that look like creatures. You will often see these creatures above the water where sunlight falls and this creature glows in blue color at night. This small island is known as The Sea of ​​Stars, every year people from all over the world come here to see this beautiful beach.

Interesting fact :– This Place is full of interesting Plants that glow. The place is worth comparing with fairy tales.


High-angle view of the ‘Sancho’ beach in the archipelago of Fernando de Noronha – Brazil

Baia da Sancho beach is  8th on our list and situated in Brazil. It is considered the most beautiful beach because of its purity and nonpolluted water. In the serene atmosphere with crystal clear water, the pleasure of diving and swimming in clear blue water is not found at any other beach. According to the public vote, this beach comes at number 1 among the most beautiful beaches in the world.

Interesting fact:- 1 Dolphins and turtle fun can also be seen on this beach.

2 This beach is surrounded by 21 living volcanoes in the Atlantic Ocean.


Lençóis Maranhenses, Maranhão, Brazil. Aerial landscape of tropical scenery vacations on the destination in Brazil. Lençois Maranhenses National Park, Maranhao, Brazil. Sandy dunes and rainwater lagoons landscape. Brazil Northeast landmark.

The last beach on our list is also situated in Brazil. It is a very beautiful and unique beach, which is difficult to describe in words. This beach is on the sea shore but it is different from the sea beach. Because all the water on this beach is not sea water but it is rainwater. During the rainy season, this water fills in the lower part of the desert. And it is not less than a surprise that water does not stand in the desert. During the rainy season, this beach looks so beautiful that the one who sees it becomes more attracted to it.

Interesting fact:- This beach is interesting as the water is not from any sea but from the rain collected in the desert. This is no less than a miracle that it is a popular beach made in the desert naturally.

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