Countries That Are Still Struggling For Independence

Countries That Are Still Struggling For Independence

There are still many countries struggling for independence as there are many rebellions and freedom movements that run within the country to contribute more to independence. But somehow due to their present government they are not allowed to choose their government. Moreover, some countries are facing discrimination based on color, caste, and tribe. They want equal rights and want to make their separate nation which is not an easy task. They are fighting for their rights and constantly ask other countries to help them in every possible way.

Some Non-Independent countries are:-

1# Kurdistan

Kurdistan is the region in Northern Iraq. Kurds are a separate ethnic group. In the Native regions of Iraq, Kurds are facing discrimination. They can’t have the complete right to speak in public and speak about political affairs. There is no special code or any Kurd representative which can place their rights in political meetings. This region is facing political and economical issues in Iraq, Syria, and Arab. A small budget is passed for their development and they don’t have the right to open up in public. Not only small issues but wars also take place many times due to these issues.

War results in the loss of the people in the tribe. They urge help from other countries as well. Countries like US and UK, support Kurdistan in tough times, But as the politicians are unstable they can change their statements at any time or maybe according to the situation. Rebellions and many freedom moments are running in their region, but they are not successful til now. Kurds are waiting for a long to get independence and complete rights. As they are not an independent nation, hence, they don’t celebrate any independence day.

#2 Tibet

Tibet’s geographical location is somewhere between China and India. Tibet is under the control of the Chinese government as this country claims that they have some budh affection for this country. According to them, Buddhism religion has importance here. So, all the Chinese native which belong to this religion are in favor of acquiring Tibet. Tibetians have a different flag but politically this country is under the control of the Chinese government. But Tibet wants its separate political right and they urge China government to provide them with a separate political system.

On this demand, China says that they will give Tibet, a new leader by majority or voting. But the things are still in words and nothing goes on paper. Instead of all support from both sides, Tibet is an independent country but they feel as if they are in a bond due to not having their political rights. So, they are still struggling for complete freedom.

3# Quebec

Quebec is considered to be part of Canada. But the culture of Quebec is completely different. They follow French culture, as well as their living style, which is also different. As you can speak English in the whole of Canada but you have to speak French in Quebec, Even though they are providing free classes to learn their language. The traditions and culture of the natives are different, the natives of Quebec urge to be known as a separate country. That’s why they started some movements to get independence but they all failed. Although there was voting under some separation moment previously But they lose with only a 1-2 % difference. The natives of Ontario and other provinces oppose Quebec for being a separate country.

The Canadian government believes that Quebec is a nonseparable part of Canada. Also, it’s a developing region. So, they are providing a huge budget in order to develop this area. But this also doesn’t change Quebec’s mind and still some natives in this country want separation. That’s why they gave importance to their own French Culture and they didn’t celebrate any independence days and struggle for their freedom till now.

4# Kabylia

Kabylia is the region in North Algeria. Like Kurdistan mentioned before, they also have a separate and small ethnic group which is known as Kabylians. They speak the Kabyle or taqabilit language. This region is under the control of the Arabic government. Though these people feel that they are imposed to be Arabians but they want their separate country. They feel discrimination from the side of Arabian natives. Which stops their development and affects their living standards. They started many non-successful separation moments. But in 2001, they started Moment of Autonomy of Kabilya which results in regional autonomy federal state.

It means they get the freedom to be known as a separate region in which they all can live but their political rights are with the Arabian government. To get complete independence in all aspects they are struggling and running many moments to achieve this goal. Due to their struggles running they don’t celebrate ay independence day till now.

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These Countries are different nations with different cultures and ethics but they are internationally recognized by other governments. These countries don’t celebrate any independence day though they fight with the existing government for that. They want their separate recognition. But writing too much on this topic is not appropriate as every coin has two sides. We know that they were separated but surely there will be the side of government by which they don’t want these countries to separate from them. At last, we hope best for these countries. Changes take time. We know time is the strongest weapon and medicine at the same time. With time these countries will achieve their goals. But I find myself lucky that is born in an independent nation.