10 Incredible Animal Superpowers That Are Beyond Human Capabilities.

10 Incredible Animal Superpowers That Are Beyond Human Capabilities.

At some point in your life you probably found yourself thinking about what would be your life experience if you were to have extraordinary superpowers just as Flying or being as fast as lightning, though we only see these in fictional movies, did you know that some of these superpowers that we want, it does exist in real life? But sadly, not for us humans; they exist more on animals.

Though it does not matter that we think or try to attain these superpowers, we are always bound to human limitations and you know what? That is fine, after all, we are all humans that have our ways to be unique with our strengths and weaknesses, not having superpowers does not mean we are useless okay?

It would be just a fun little thought that maybe we can study the superpowers of some animals and the world would have access to these new insights that can potentially uncover some new solutions for us the human and our problems: medical treatments, working and even be used to perform newly technological advance things.

#1. Flight

Flight, is a power that a lot of people dream of having, what if we had wings? Or just physically can move anywhere in the 3d plane just like Iron Man with his Iron Suit or Superman that can just fly even without wearing his cape. This superpower has us fascinated for centuries while even the earliest kind of animals such as birds had them since the beginning.

Birds are the most famous animal that can fly, though there are a lot of flying animals when you think of one you’ll first think of birds; they have lightweight bodies, powerful wings, and an amazing sense of direction that allows them to achieve these amazing feats that us humans can’t.

They have a lot of use for this power just like hunting food or escaping predators. Some animals though can glide instead of flying just like flying squirrels and flying snakes.

Flying for us humans can only be achieved by riding flying vehicles such as airplanes, jets, or helicopters. Since our bodies aren’t built for this type of power but this superpower will always be an inspiration for us humans until we get a grasp of it.

#2. Super Speed

Can you be faster than the speed of light? Well-fictional characters such as Sonic and Flash can while we humans can be fast with vehicles once again animals already have this.

Sometimes we forget that animals are really fast, even just an insect flying around you; or a mosquito that you’re trying to catch. It does not matter how fast you move or try to slap them they are most likely able to whip out of your slap in a blink of an eye.

Let’s definitely take a deeper look at a few of the creatures that exhibit outstanding super speed. For example, the cheetah is able to achieve speeds of up to 70 miles per hour in just a particularly fast few seconds, making it the literal fastest terrestrial basically mammal on earth. The fastest bird, however, is the peregrine falcon, whose dive speed can reach 240 miles per hour! Who could forget the common housefly, which appears unimportant yet can fly up to 15 kilometers per hour?

But what if we had the speed? Well, there are multiple downsides since with great speed we could be in danger all the time while using it, since we are not made for the super speed we won’t be able to control it and would also require other superpowers such as danger sense or foresight to be able to control it all the time.

#3. Regeneration

One of the superpowers everyone in the world wished for, not because they have been watching movies or cartoons; it’s just a superpower every human being in the world needs. Let’s all be honest, we as humans do have Regeneration capabilities but animal regeneration capabilities absolutely supersede our capabilities as humans.

Unlike us, some animals such as lizards, salamanders, starfish and more can grow cut limbs from nothing and can heal easily if they have even the deepest stroke of cut.

It would be a significant game-changer in the field of medicine if humans were endowed with this superpower. It might subtly transform the way we treat illnesses, injuries, and even aging. Humans may live longer and in better health, if they are able to restore damaged organs or tissues. Even if it might seem like a pipe dream, researchers are actively investigating the potential of regenerative medicine and are subtly but significantly advancing this subject.

4. Super Jump

If flying isn’t an option, why not just jump super high? Well, this is another superpower that could help humans traverse the land, it does not matter how high something is; it is easily accessible if we had this superpower.

Many animals particularly have this remarkable ability to super jump, which enables them to soar to great heights and easily travel great distances. Frogs, kangaroos, and even small fleas are just a really few examples of animals that have this amazing ability, which enables them to effortlessly move through their environment.

#5. Bio-luminescence

A superpower for people that are afraid of the dark, though kind of creepy; what if you were just walking in the forest and see someone glowing? Guess that wouldn’t be a problem if all humans have it. This power basically emits light from your body, it may be a full thing or just a part of your body.

The use case of this special ability for animals such as jellyfish and anglerfish is to attract prey, find mates or even communicate with their co-species.

#6. Sharp Eyesight

Though humans have amazing eyesight to start with most of us experience deterioration while we grow up, not only some of us even with pristine eye conditions; still cannot see as far as those of the animals like owls and eagles.

You see eagles have incredible eyesight that can see prey from miles away and not only that, this ability even allows the cats and owls to not only see far but also see in the dark with great clarity, imagine if we can only experience this and see the menu of a restaurant from miles away.

#7. Thermal Vision

Another eye-related superpower that we wish we have, you know what this article mentions so much of wanting to have powers well what can we all do? we do mean it. This ability basically allows animals like snakes, and vampire bats to detect and feel radiation like infrared from objects that emit it.

These animals can easily navigate their way in the dark so imagine if we also have this, now can travel the forest without needing to glow and scare people but we also would not need flashlights.

#8. Camouflage

Have you ever gone to a military cosmetic shop and seen this wearable called “Camouflage” well for the un-initiated these “Camouflage” as the name suggest allows the user to be hidden wherever they are, we humans need to wear and hide to achieve these, unlike some crazy animals that can literally hide and camouflage anywhere.

Some animals that are great in this field would be the octopus, chameleons, and fish that can literally disguise themselves to fit in their environment to surprise prey and hide from unwanted entities.

#9. Stick / Adhesion

There’s no way that people would not want to achieve the abilities of a spider, spiderman (a fictional superhero character) is famous and has been seen by kids to oldies and his most famous superpower would be to stick to anything and crawl on anything.

This ability which is mostly present in insects such as spiders, ants, and cockroaches allows them to easily stick and climb any surfaces; for this work, these creatures are created with microscopic hairs on their limbs so that can easily create a strong bond on the surfaces they walk to.

#10. Echolocation

Another remarkable ability or superpower found in animals is that allow certain animals just like bats and dolphins navigate their surrounding without even the use of an eye.

The ability basically allows them to track sound waves, and where this is coming from or bouncing off from. If humans were to have this it would mainly help in rescue and military operations since it would be nice to easily find someone lost or if there are dangers that may happen cause of the surroundings.