10 Deadliest Birds On The Planet

10 Deadliest Birds On The Planet

Birds are mostly seen as peaceful, non-dominant, and relaxed animals. Usually blessing us with their grace and beauty, that is for the most part. What we all do not usually see is that they are also animals, and some sides and animals in the animal kingdom can be very lethal.

This predator does not only include huge animals with predatorial-looking parts but even these flying beautiful creatures have some versions of them that are extremely dangerous not only for their prey but also to us humans. Birds as we all know can easily take advantage of the speed that they have and not only that. Some birds do have razory or sharp talons that are able to scratch, inflict damage or even kill an animal that can be larger than them.

So for today, we will look at the list of these predators that are widespread with different classifications; the only common thing about them is that they may be considered harmless but they are and should never be taken lightly. Welcome to the list of the deadliest birds in the world.

#1 Ostrich


Ostrich is probably the most known type of bird or at least it is a very common animal. It is the largest living bird in the world and was native to Africa but now it can be seen most anywhere in tropical countries.

It is large hence being flightless but they are fast; fast at running and can run up to 45 miles per hour. Large legs with really sharp talons that can seriously hurt anyone who does not know how to handle them.

Though they are great predators they are usually not aggressive to humans but they may if they felt threatened or concerned.

#2 Cassowary


Actually, this type of bird has 2 classifications the northern and the southern. They’re pretty much the same. Though they are found in different parts of the world and have little difference such as the general weight, height, and some visible things such as the distinct colors and casque.

Both of which are still very dangerous and out in the wild. With dagger-like talons on their feet, they can easily scratch anything and just like the Ostrich they are extremely fast which sadly for us humans makes them impossible to outrun.

Cassowaries are known to be aggressive and territorial so if we are you, just ignore them and get out of their way.

#3 Golden Eagle

The first eagle on our list, Golden Eagle similar to other eagles is a predator. Typically seen around the northern hemisphere including Asia.

The golden eagle can be easily recognized because they have distinct colored feathers with hooked beaks and their plumage which is very bright gold colored being seen at their head and neck-hence the golden part of their name.

These eagles are not really into humans but like the other birds on the list, they have sharp talons that can easily inflict damage or harm to anyone of us humans and of course animals. They love catching rabbits and foxes.

#4 Harpy Eagle

Harpy Eagle

Moving the most dangerous type of eagle the harpy eagle. This eagle is large with aggressive behavior toward anyone; a very big majestic bird that is usually found in America. You can easily spot this bird since unlike other eagles it has grayish-black feathers with a hooked-style beak.

They are an amazing hunter and just imagine any other eagle but way bigger; with wings that can span up to 7 feet which allows them to take out their opponent with one blow.

Though they are intimidating they are always going to be animals that are important to the future generation for they are protected due to they maintain a part of the balance in the ecosystem.

#5 Crowned Eagle

Another eagle in the list, well as we know eagles are really deadly especially when encountered out in the wild. The crowned eagle has entered this list due to it being large and having power. This eagle can exert almost 800 pounds of force using its wings, just with that, you can feel it is a bird that can take down prey or another animal much larger than it.

This bird usually ambushes their prey and usually swiftly takes you out in one go. That precision though!

#6 Bearded Vulture

bearded vulure
Photo by silvan michel on Unsplash

The bearded vulture is another name for the Lammergeier. Just the name alone should frighten you, haha! In the highlands of Europe, Africa, and Asia, there is a species of bird that goes by that name. They are well known for their unique hunting techniques, which include hurling bones against rocks from great distances in order to break them into tiny pieces and remove the marrow inside.

Not only that, the bearded vulture has been known to attack and devour smaller animals just as rabbits and hares and even though they are usually not known to be a direct threat to people, they are formidable predators in their natural habitat due to their hunting techniques and willingness to take on smaller prey.

The black feathers, crimson beak, and fluffy tuft under its chin on this specific vulture give it an aggressive appearance. Bearded vultures are a fascinating and dangerous bird species to encounter in the wild because of these distinguishing characteristics.

#7 Peregrine falcon

peregrine falcon

The peregrine falcon, this falcon has been out since the start of time but has had their population lowered in the mid-20th century. They are always striving but have yet to overcome it due to the use of pesticides in plants and other of their foods that makes the eggs more fragile.

This falcon should be admired from afar and never be disturbed especially in their hunting grounds and nests, They have an incredible speed that can go up to 240 miles per hour, and with 400 pounds of pressure that they can apply using their sharp talons and wing force.

#8 Lappet-faced Vulture

lappet face vulture

Hey, another vulture on the list! Well, vultures are really scary but this vulture is the one you should consider the deadliest. With its crazy wingspan of 9 feet and weight of over 20 pounds like the other dangerous birds on this list, it is one of a heck of a formidable foe for the big predators and a bird that can easily take down prey larger than its size.

It does not pose threats to humans as long as the human respects is space, it is into defending the territory that it built and is aggressive when scavenging, again literally built for hunting with majestic physical attributes. The power that it holds does not only exist in the force of its wings but also in its beak which is as strong as hammers.

#9 Great Horned Owl

great horned owl

The first owl on our list is an amazing creature that is also considered the tiger of the night. It is a night predator unlike most of the birds on the list; well that should be expected it is an owl. This owl kind of is a ferocious hunter, able to essentially take down prey much larger than itself, with talons that can essentially exert over 300 pounds of pressure per square inch and a wingspan that can reach up to five feet in a really major way.

Generally, they are reputed to for all intents and purposes pursue a wide range of creatures, including snakes, skunks, and rabbits. They are really much more hazardous due to their ability to really fly stealthily, which enables them to approach their victim covertly without being seen. Great Horned Owls specifically are also aggressively territorial, fiercely guarding their nests and hunting sites.

Human assaults have been documented, despite the fact that they are not known to intentionally kind of seek humans out as prey.

#10 Snowy Owl

snowy owl

One of the cutest birds on this list! The snowy owl may look super cute and something that you want to pet but this is the list of them that you would want to touch and mess around with.