10 Dangerous Railway Tracks In The World

10 Dangerous Railway Tracks Of The World

Are you ready to start your journey to these dangerous railway tracks through this article? Let us see which are the most exciting and dangerous railway tracks in the world that offer dangerous stretches along with spectacular views.

10 Most Dangerous Railway Tracks of the World.

#1. Salta Polverillo Trek Argentina

Dangerous Railway Tracks Of The World

Connecting Salta in the Argentine city of Chile to Polverillo, there is a 217 km long train route known as Train a las Nabes.  This dangerous and thrilling trek in the Argentine city came into operation in 1948. After 28 years of construction, it is finally taken into consideration for tourism purposes. On this railway track, the train always runs at an altitude of 4,200 from sea level, and in its route, the train crosses 29 bridges and 21 tunnels which fill this route with adventures and dangers.

#2. Chennai Rameshwaram

10 Dangerous Railway Tracks Of The World

One of the most dangerous and exciting railway tracks in the world is Chennai-Rameswaram route connecting Chennai and Rameswaram. This railway track is between India and Sri Lanka. The breathtaking part of this journey is the Pamban Bridge route which goes over the Indian Ocean, a 2.6 km long bridge that was built around mid 1914.  The bridge route is full of adventures and dangers when sometimes it is filled with seawater and waves coming from the sea obstruct the crossing.  Due to this, the trains are forced to speed only about five meters per second.  This bridge is the epitome of the hard work and inovation of Indian engineering.

#3. The Aso Miami Route

 Dangerous Railway Tracks Of The World

The Aso Miami Route is one of the most challenging railroad tracks in Japan. Traversing the land around Mount Aso is one of the scariest parts for any traveler as this place has the country’s most active volcanoes.  A part of the track was damaged during the Kumamoto earthquake that occurs in 2016 and since then this route is in little use.  No one can predict the next volcanic eruption and this actually makes this railway track particularly dangerous. Besides, Where you have no idea when the next eruption might happen.  One can see the forest burnt by the lava of the volcanoes on this route.

#4. The Devil’s nose

10 Dangerous Railway Tracks Of The World

The Devil’s Nose Route at 10,000 feet above sea level is no doubt on this list of scariest train rides in the world.  Narzel Diablo’s train route provides beautiful but sometimes horrifying views as the train departs from the Nose of the Devil.  To get over this problem posed by this mountain. The high commission has built a zigzag railway route that climbs over 600 meters in less than 13 km.  This railway track is considered the most dangerous yet breathtaking feat of engineering in South America.  It is said that around 4,000 Jamaicans and 1,500 Puerto Ricans were brought here to construct this route.  And on top of that nearly 1800 of them died.

#5. Death Railway Route

The Death Railway Route is one of the most dangerous railway routes in the world.  On this route, the train passes through the mountainous, dense forest areas through the borders of Myanmar. Thousands of prisoners and local workers had shed blood and sweat in the construction of this railway route. However, Only one section of the original line is operational since its 1956 opening.

Let us look at the rest of the top 10 Dangerous Railway Tracks of the World.

#6. Kuranda Railway Australia

The Kuranda Railway Australia is a picturesque and frightening train route connecting Cairns to Kuranda in Queensland.  This famous railway makes its way on the journey from Cairns to Kuranda.  The journey to Kuranda takes about 2 hours, with the train passing through 15 tunnels and 37 bridges through steep cliffs, slowing down the train.  This 37 km long route, built in the late 19th century, is full of dangers as well as adventure and mesmerizing natural beauty where travelers can admire waterfalls and lush green forests.

#7.White Pass and Yukon Route

The White Pass and Yukon Route connect Alaska to the port of Whitehorse, Yukon.  It is a tourist attraction at present and people prefer to take train rides on this route.  Alaska’s train route is dangerous for its beautiful landscapes as well as its 3,000-foot climbs in the mountains. While It is believed that great difficulties had to be faced to make this trek and first the hill was burst by blasting with dynamite, after that this trek was made.

#8. Cape Town South Africa

The Cape Town route of South Africa remains the center of discussion not because of the dangerous routes but because of the unusual activities happening on this route, you will be shocked to hear about it.  Furthermore, While train thefts and assaults are common, Cape Town faces a high rate of public transport crime.  Cape Town’s train line is often prone to thefts and attacks, making travelers feel unsafe traveling through this route. Certainly, according to statistics, at least one in ten trains gets canceled on this route on a daily basis, which remains a serious matter.

#9.  Georgetown Loop Railroad Colorado

The Georgetown Loop Railroad railway track is one of the most adventurous and dangerous tracks in the world, built in the late 19th century through the Rocky Mountains. The dreadful experience on this route is when the heavy winds coming from ahead stop the train and make it difficult to maintain balance.

#10. Pilatus Railway Switzerland

Pilatus Railway is one of the most dangerous and exciting railway routes in the world. This is the route, where passengers travel to the station at an altitude of 7,000 feet.  On this route, the train runs from Alpnachstadt to Pilatus Kulm and travels through mountains and alpine meadows .  A 30-minute ride along the Pilatus Railway route leads to an alpine peak known for its amazing vistas.  The length of this railway track is about 4.5 kilometers which is full of various adventures.  Despite this route being dangerous, a large number of travelers enjoy its thrilling ride.

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