Samarkand, Uzbekistan- Best Places You Should Visit

“Hello, fellow travelers! Imagine stepping into a real-life storybook, where the past mingles with the present. That’s what Samarkand, Uzbekistan, is all about – a city where history comes alive.

In Samarkand, you’ll find grand buildings that look like something out of a fairy tale, like the Registan Square. And there’s the Gur-e-Amir Mausoleum, where powerful people from long ago rest.

People have been coming here to explore and learn for ages, from the time of the Silk Road to today’s adventurers. We’re here to help you uncover the magic of Samarkand, with tips and tales to make your journey unforgettable.

So, let’s dive into the story of Samarkand, where each step is a page in a captivating adventure waiting for you.”

Best Places You Should Visit While Traveling Samarkand, Uzbekistan

#1. Registan Square:

Registan Square

  • Popularity: Registan Square is the iconic heart of Samarkand, known for its remarkable Islamic architecture and historical significance.
  • Cost: Entrance to Registan Square typically costs around 50,000 Uzbekistani Som (approx. $5-6 USD).
  • Best Time to Visit: Spring and early autumn (April to May and September to October) offer pleasant weather for exploring the square.
  • Precautions: Be respectful of the sacred sites and follow dress codes by covering your shoulders and knees.
  • Budget: Including the entrance fee, budget about $10-15 USD for a visit to Registan Square.

#2. Bibi-Khanym Mosque:

Bibi-Khanym Mosque

  • Popularity: This colossal mosque is celebrated for its historical significance and stunning architectural design.
  • Cost: Entrance to the mosque is typically around 25,000 Uzbekistani Som (approx. $2 USD).
  • Best Time to Visit: Similar to Registan Square, spring and early autumn are the best times to explore Bibi-Khanym Mosque.
  • Precautions: Respect local customs and dress modestly when visiting religious sites.
  • Budget: Plan for around $5-10 USD to visit Bibi-Khanym Mosque.

#3. Shah-i-Zinda:


  • Popularity: Shah-i-Zinda, the “Avenue of Mausoleums,” is renowned for its architectural beauty and historical importance.
  • Cost: Entry is usually around 30,000 Uzbekistani Som (approx. $2.50-3 USD).
  • Best Time to Visit: Visit during spring or autumn to enjoy pleasant weather.
  • Precautions: Maintain respectful behavior and attire.
  • Budget: Allocate $5-10 USD for a visit to Shah-i-Zinda.

#4. Ulugh Beg Observatory:

Ulugh Beg Observatory

  • Popularity: This observatory showcases the astronomical achievements of Ulugh Beg, a prominent scientist and ruler.
  • Cost: The entrance fee is typically around 50,000 Uzbekistani Som (approx. $4- $4.50 USD).
  • Best Time to Visit: Visit in the morning or evening to avoid the midday heat.
  • Precautions: Wear comfortable footwear for exploring the observatory grounds.
  • Budget: Plan for $4-7 USD to explore Ulugh Beg Observatory.

#5. Siab Bazaar:

Siab Bazaar

  • Popularity: Siab Bazaar offers an authentic glimpse into daily life in Samarkand, featuring local produce, spices, and handicrafts.
  • Cost: Entry is free, but bring cash for shopping and tasting local foods.
  • Best Time to Visit: Morning is the best time to experience the bustling atmosphere.
  • Precautions: Bargain respectfully when shopping and be mindful of pickpockets.
  • Budget: Depending on your shopping, allocate $10-20 USD for Siab Bazaar.

#6. Gur-e-Amir Mausoleum:

Gur-e-Amir Mausoleum

  • Popularity: Gur-e-Amir is famous for its stunning blue dome and its significance as Timur’s final resting place.
  • Cost: Entrance typically costs around 50,000 Uzbekistani Som (approx. $4- 4.50 USD).
  • Best Time to Visit: Avoid the midday sun; mornings or late afternoons are ideal.
  • Precautions: Dress respectfully when visiting mausoleums.
  • Budget: Plan for $5-10 USD for a visit to Gur-e-Amir Mausoleum.

#7. Afrasiab Museum and Ancient City:

Afrasiab Museum and Ancient City

  • Popularity: The museum and ancient city provide insights into Samarkand’s rich history through archaeological artifacts.
  • Cost: Entry fees are typically around 12,000 Uzbekistani Som (approx. $1.20 USD). (Price may vary)
  • Best Time to Visit: Any time of the year, but consider early morning or late afternoon to avoid crowds.
  • Precautions: Be respectful of historical artifacts and follow museum rules.
  • Budget: Allocate $2-5 USD for a visit to the Afrasiab Museum.

#8. Traditional Silk Workshops:

Traditional Silk Workshops

  • Popularity: Samarkand is famous for its silk production, and these workshops offer a chance to witness traditional craftsmanship.
  • Cost: Some workshops offer free tours, while others may charge a nominal fee for demonstrations.
  • Best Time to Visit: Check with the workshops for tour availability.
  • Precautions: Respect the artisans’ work and ask for permission before taking photos.
  • Budget: Depending on your interest in purchasing silk products, allocate $5-20 USD.

#9. Tashkent Street:

Tashkent Street

  • Popularity: Tashkent Street is a bustling market street in Samarkand, where you can experience local life and shop for souvenirs.
  • Cost: There’s no entrance fee, but bring cash for shopping and trying local street food.
  • Best Time to Visit: Tashkent Street is most vibrant in the late afternoon and evening.
  • Precautions: Be cautious with your belongings, and practice your haggling skills when shopping.
  • Budget: Allocate $5-15 USD for shopping and sampling street food at Tashkent Street.

#10. Samarkand Broadway:

Samarkand Broadway

  • Popularity: Samarkand Broadway is a lively promenade, perfect for an evening stroll. It’s lined with cafes, street performers, and a vibrant atmosphere.
  • Cost: There’s no entry fee, but budget for meals or snacks if you choose to dine at one of the cafes.
  • Best Time to Visit: The atmosphere comes alive in the evening, making it a great place for a post-dinner walk.
  • Precautions: While generally safe, be mindful of your belongings and surroundings.
  • Budget: Expenses will vary depending on your dining choices, but a casual meal may cost around $10-15 USD per person.

Some Extra Tips You Should Know Before Visiting Samarkand

1. How to Reach Samarkand:

Samarkand has its own airport, Samarkand International Airport (SKD), with direct flights from major cities in Uzbekistan and neighboring countries. Alternatively, you can take a train or drive from Tashkent, the capital city.

2. Best Thing to Do:

Exploring the historical sites and immersing yourself in the rich cultural heritage of Samarkand is the highlight of any visit.

3. Activities for Kids:

Samarkand’s historical sites may not be the most engaging for kids, but visiting local parks, enjoying traditional food, and experiencing the vibrant bazaars can be interesting for families traveling with children.

4. Remember that these are approximate costs and can vary based on individual preferences and exchange rates. It’s advisable to check current prices and conditions before your visit to Samarkand.

Night Life In Samarkand, Uzbekistan

While Samarkand’s nightlife may not be as vibrant as some other cities, it offers a chance to relax, enjoy local cuisine, and take in the city’s evening atmosphere. It’s important to note that nightlife options may be limited compared to larger cities, and alcohol regulations can be conservative. However, you can still have a pleasant evening exploring the local culture and flavors.

1. Local Restaurants and Tea Houses:

  • Cost: Dining in local restaurants or tea houses can vary in cost, but it’s generally affordable compared to Western standards.
  • How to Reach: Ask locals or your accommodation for recommendations on local restaurants and tea houses, and you can easily reach them by taxi or walking.
  • Precautions: Ensure food hygiene and try to dine in well-established places.
  • Kids: Families are welcome in most local restaurants and tea houses.
  • Safety: These places are considered safe for tourists.
  • What to Expect: Dining at local restaurants and tea houses allows you to experience authentic Uzbek cuisine. You can enjoy dishes like plov, shashlik, and fresh bread, often accompanied by traditional tea. Some places may offer live music or entertainment.

2. Hotel Bars and Restaurants:

  • Cost: Prices in hotel bars and restaurants can be higher than local establishments.
  • How to Reach: If you’re staying in a hotel in Samarkand, you can easily access the on-site bar or restaurant.
  • Precautions: Check the prices before ordering, as hotel dining tends to be pricier.
  • Kids: Most hotel bars and restaurants are family-friendly.
  • Safety: Hotels maintain a safe environment for their guests.
  • What to Expect: Many of Samarkand’s hotels have bars and restaurants that offer a more upscale dining experience. You can expect a wider range of international dishes and beverages.

 3. Nightclubs in Samarkand:

  • Cost: The cost of drinks in bars and nightclubs can vary, but they tend to be more expensive than local cafes and restaurants.
  • How to Reach: Most bars and nightclubs are located in the city center of Samarkand and are easily accessible by taxi or walking.
  • Precautions: Always check the local regulations and be mindful of alcohol consumption limits and legal drinking age.
  • Safety: Samarkand is generally safe for tourists, and popular bars and nightclubs maintain security measures.
  • What to Expect: Some nightclubs in Samarkand offer dance floors with music ranging from local tunes to international hits. Remember that the atmosphere may be more subdued compared to nightlife scenes in other countries due to cultural norms.

4. Special Events and Festivals:

    • Cost: The cost of attending special events and festivals can vary, so it’s best to check for details and ticket prices in advance.
    • How to Reach: Keep an eye on local event listings and ask at your accommodation for information on any upcoming music or cultural festivals.
    • Precautions: Be respectful of local customs and follow any event rules or guidelines.
    • Safety: Events and festivals usually have security measures in place.
    • What to Expect: Occasionally, Samarkand hosts special events, concerts, or festivals that may include live music and dancing. These events can provide a unique opportunity to enjoy music and entertainment.

Certainly, when traveling to Uzbekistan, it’s essential to be prepared and consider several factors to ensure a safe and enjoyable trip. Here are some key things to keep in mind:

    • Visa Requirements: Check the visa requirements for your nationality before traveling to Uzbekistan. Obtain the necessary visa well in advance of your trip.
    • Travel Insurance: Consider purchasing travel insurance that covers health emergencies, trip cancellations, and other unexpected events.
    • Currency: The official currency is the Uzbekistani Som (UZS). Exchange currency at banks or official exchange offices, and keep small denominations for daily expenses.
    • Local Customs: Respect the local culture and customs. Dress modestly, especially when visiting religious sites, and remove your shoes when entering homes or mosques.
    • Language: While Uzbek is the official language, Russian is widely spoken, especially in urban areas. Learning a few basic phrases in Uzbek or Russian can be helpful.
    • Safety: Uzbekistan is generally considered safe for tourists. However, exercise common-sense precautions, such as safeguarding your belongings and being cautious at night.
    • Health Precautions: Ensure your routine vaccinations are up-to-date. Depending on your travel plans, consider vaccinations for diseases like hepatitis A and typhoid.
    • Tap Water: Avoid drinking tap water in Uzbekistan, as it may not be safe for consumption. Stick to bottled or purified water.
    • Local Cuisine: Sample Uzbek cuisine, but be cautious with street food to avoid foodborne illnesses. Stick to restaurants with good hygiene practices.
    • Alcohol Regulations: Uzbekistan has strict alcohol regulations, including limited availability and restricted sales hours. Be aware of local customs regarding alcohol consumption.
    • Transportation: Use reputable transportation options and negotiate taxi fares before starting your journey. Check the safety measures of any transportation providers.
    • Local Currency: Carry some cash in Uzbek som for small purchases, as credit cards are not widely accepted, especially in rural areas.
    • Cultural Sensitivity: Be mindful of cultural sensitivities, especially in rural areas. Seek permission before taking photos of people, and ask for guidance when entering homes or private spaces.
    • Communication: Obtain a local SIM card for your phone to stay connected. Internet access is available but may not be as fast or reliable as in some other countries.
    • Weather: Check the weather conditions and pack accordingly, as Uzbekistan experiences extreme temperatures, especially in summer and winter.
    • Electrical Adapters: Uzbekistan uses Type C and Type F electrical outlets. Bring the appropriate adapters if needed.
    • Emergency Contact Information: Keep a list of emergency contacts, including local authorities and your country’s embassy or consulate.
    • Local Transport: Familiarize yourself with local transportation options, such as shared taxis and buses, as they may be the most convenient way to explore cities and towns.
    • Cultural Attractions: Research and plan your visits to cultural attractions and historical sites in advance to make the most of your time.
    • Travel Documents: Keep copies of your passport, visa, and other important documents in case of loss or theft.

Tip– In Uzbekistan, actually in the whole of central Asia Google map doesn’t work properly . I will recommend you all to install the app on your phone and download the map of Uzbekistan. Another app that should be on your phone is  Yandex Taxi app to book taxi.

In conclusion, traveling to Uzbekistan promises a journey through a land where history, culture, and tradition converge in a remarkable tapestry. From the splendid mosques and mausoleums of Samarkand to the bustling markets of Tashkent, Uzbekistan offers a rich and immersive experience for explorers.

While exploring this beautiful country, remember to embrace local customs and respect the traditions of this welcoming nation. Immerse yourself in the flavors of Uzbek cuisine, marvel at the architectural wonders, and engage with the warm-hearted Uzbek people.

Uzbekistan’s charm lies not only in its stunning landscapes but also in the genuine warmth of its people. So, as you embark on your adventure, savor each moment, make new friends, and create lasting memories that will stay with you long after your journey ends.

Safe travels, and may your time in Uzbekistan be filled with wonder, discovery, and the joy of exploration!