10 Mysterious Facts Of Egypt That Will Shock You

10 Mysterious Facts Of Egypt That Will Shock You

Egypt is one of those countries with a rich culture and history and a famous one. Whenever you ask a person; what would be the first word that would come to their mind whenever you think of Egypt? Their answers have a probability of 90% to be the same, and that answer would be the Pyramid.

Pyramids, mummies, Pharaohs, tombs, and the Sphinx, are just those outside layers of what describe Egypt. Many movies also inspired this country, such as The Gods of Egypt, Indiana Jones, The Mummy (and all of its movie franchises), and many many more who have been inspired by the Pyramid, the tombs, and the mummification process done by the Egyptians in the ancient times. But, to be honest, even though there are years and years of discovery about Egypt there are still a lot of questions that up until now are not answered. Mainly, the mystery about the royals is one of those still unanswered and about some lost tombs, including the famous Queen Cleopatra.

A lot of claims and studies are proven by scientists to be true just like the meaning of some Hieroglyphs—a way of writing by the ancient Egyptians, these writings are unlike any others because it is done with pictorial writing, meaning that it is not done by letters, but by drawn or carved pictures and symbols.

Still, even though there are many discoveries about Egypt every day, there are still a lot of mysteries that cover Egypt, and who knows, maybe time travel would be the only answer to unlocking every mystery and question. If you are into this kind of trope and are genuinely curious what are some of the mysteries that cover Egypt, then you might want to dive deeper into this article.

Mysteries of Egypt that you probably didn’t know

#1. The Great Pyramids

Until today, many still can’t fathom how on earth such a glorious and massive triangular monument made of big blocks is made. Many theories are made by people worldwide; some were for fun, and others were serious. One of the famous theories made by scientists is that the Pyramids were erected to hide the tombs of Pharaohs, Kings, and other with royal blood. Another mystery behind the Pyramids is that they were made to appease the Gods, other theories were also deduced for the least possible that aliens built the Pyramids and that they are a point of location or a landmark that can be easily spotted in the atmosphere.

But, really, the Pyramids hold a lot of mystery but one thing is for sure, although these Pyramids were used as burial grounds, the question is how come? The real mystery is that there was no tomb found in the actual Pyramid, and the tombs were located in the Valley of the Kings, which were a little far from Giza (where the Great Pyramids are located). The Luxor, location of the valley is almost 500-600 km away from the Pyramids.

Some Scientists claim that it is a tactical way to make the people believe that the tombs were in the Pyramids to make the looters (tomb raiders) confused. So that they can’t rob the tombs and take the treasures it holds for the deceased to take in the afterlife (a tradition in ancient Egypt wherein you need to bring riches with you in order to pass the afterlife). The Pyramids are covered with mystery and many unanswered questions, but one thing for sure is that it is made with greatness, and all the workers who made them are just beyond amazing.

Mysterious Facts Of Egypt That Will Shock You

#2. King Tutankhamun’s death

King Tutankhamun or King Tut, is one of the famous King of Egypt. He was named “the boy King” because he became the Pharaoh of Egpyt at the tender age of nine (9). The mystery lies as to what is the cause of the death of the boy king. Why? Because he did not die of old age, he died when he was around 19 years old. The cause of death of the boy king is still unable to be recognized because of course his mummified body is over 3,000 years ago. Another mystery is being theorized by many scientists, it is the fact that the death was so sudden and that the tomb (although it was amazing) looks rushed. It seems like many scientists want to believe that King Tut was either murdered or died of an accident or a disease.

His tomb was the famous tomb in the Valley of the Kings. The discovery of the tomb led to so much discovery and understanding about the royals and about some traditions of the Egyptians. His famous pure gold funerary mask was the one wanted to be seen by many in the museum in Cairo, as well as his mummified body and funerary casket.

Mysterious Facts Of Egypt

#3. Queen Nefertiti’s disappearance

Queen Nefertiti was the wife of King Akhenaten, she is also the stepmother of King Tut. The mystery behind the Queen will really question you because all the years and deaths of the royals are all recorded except for Nefertiti. There was no record of deaths or anything that says that she came down the throne or that she was killed. Some say that when her husband’s reign was over, that’s where the Queen disappears and all records were blank.

Some theories also claim that she became a Pharaoh or that she changed her name and became a normal civilian. Her tomb is also a mystery if there is one or not.

10 Mysterious Facts Of Egypt That Will Shock You

#4. The Great Sphinx of Giza

One of the greatest monuments and also one of the largest in the history of mankind is the Great Sphinx. This statue holds mystery because of its peculiarity, with a lion’s body and a human or Pharaoh’s head, this statue draws attention as it is almost 70 meters long and stands almost 20 meters above the ground.

This mythological creature is believed to be built as a guard around important areas, hence it was built near the Pyramids which are believed to be the King’s and royalty’s tombs. As for the mystery behind it, the head of the Sphinx is based on whom? Was it a King/Pharaoh or a God? Whoever asked to build the Sphinx is still unknown because there were no records of it.

 Mysterious Facts Of Egypt
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5. The Dendera Light

The Dendera Light is an Illustration found in the temple of Debndera. The mysterious illustration is about a huge snake in a huge what seems to be a ball of light or fire flying out of a Lotus flower. The illustration also depicts a human holding that light and a human worshipping it. The Illustration is said to be to depict the Egyptian’s discovery of Electricity, some say this is a form of religious thing or a human worshipping a God in the form of snakes. There is really a lot of mystery in that illustration and no one knows, what really is the truth and the hoax.

10 Mysterious Facts Of Egypt That Will Shock You

#6. The unknown Queen of Egypt

In 2015, archeologists excavated a mysterious tomb in the Great Pyramids of the Old Kingdom. Her tomb has inscriptions in it, and these inscriptions are unlike any other. The inscriptions call her “the wife of the King, and the mother of the King”. The woman is deemed to be important thousand of years ago, but the mystery is why was she unnamed and unknown.

Experts are believing that she is Khentakawess II, hence, the experts named her Khentakawess III for the time being as all of the present facts are speculated. Also, they are speculating that she is the wife of King Neferefre and that she is the mother of King Mekahur. As to why she was not given a proper burial, no one knows exactly and the past can only know the mystery.

10 Mysterious Facts Of Egypt
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#7. The Lost Labyrinth

The Lost Labyrinth of Giza is said to be not fictional or a delusion by many but was indeed real as there are historians who saw them. About 2,500 years ago, Herodotus, a greek historian claimed that he saw the labyrinth and that there are also many historians or writers that described the labyrinth to be magnificent and can surpass the Pyramids as the greatest structure ever built by the Egyptians.

The mystery is whether, could this is real or not, because in 2008, what seems to be a structure resembling the labyrinth was found under the plateau of Giza. If ever this is real and there are real excavators who will dedicate their lives to finding this labyrinth, then it could unearth thousand of mysteries that surrounds Egypt.

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#8. Mystery of The Pyramid of Djedefre

The Pyramid of Djedefre is a complete mystery as to why the pyramid that has so much potential to be on par with the great pyramids of Giza is not completed, or some theories say that it was destroyed because many did not like it. The pyramid was made out of stones that were darker and made out of granite. Whatever the reason why is it in ruins now is a complete mystery.

#9. Hidden Chambers in the Pyramids

Hidden chambers in the Pyramids are one of the coolest theories ever made and were made partially true claims by scientists. They are claiming that there are indeed chambers inside the Pyramids as to why there are, is unknown but they are claiming that there are King’s chamber, a Queen’s chamber, a grand gallery, and another chamber at the very bottom.

This is really indeed a mystery because the Pyramids are said to be tombs for the Kings but why are their chambers inside that are definitely not for tombs? Could it be that the King and Queen wanted to hide for something or it’s just a built kind of like lodging in the modern day, but why inside deep in the big rocks? Who knows.


#10. Tons of Gold

Many explorers are really studying Egypt as to where they get all the Gold that is decorated and given to the royals. It is said that hundreds of mines are mined by workers all around Egypt. The rich land of Egypt in ancient times is really astonishing and the mystery is where they’re located now. Was it buried under the ground now? That is the big probability that many experts are looking into.

There’s also the probability that due to the centuries that have passed the rich mines in ancient times are all mined out and that it has seen many tragedies such as earthquakes and soil erosion, making it disappear as years go by.

10 Mysterious Facts Of Egypt That Will Shock You
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