15 Mysterious Places In The World That You Have Never Heard Of

15 Mysterious Places In The World

Our world itself is covered with lots of mystery. There are mysteries that humans can’t seem to explain, or there are some that just seem so otherworldly that they cannot be decoded by us. Among all the mysteries in the world, one of its major aspects is mysterious places. These places do exist in real life, but there is something to them that makes them mysterious. Could it be the scientific means behind it? Could it be the rich history that covers it? Could it be just otherworldly that cannot be explained? We cannot put into words what makes a place exudes mystery.

There are numerous mysterious places in our world, classified into two: one that is discovered by humans, and the other is still unexplored. There’s just something about these kinds of places that makes many people curious and ignites them to know further what lies beyond the place. If you are interested about what are the mysterious places on Earth, then you might want to dive deeper into this article and discover some mysterious places.

15 Mysterious Places In The World

Mysterious places in the world

#1. Richat Structure

Mysterious Places In The World

The Richat Structure or also known as the “eye of Sahara” or “eye of Africa” is a 25-mile almost-like “elliptical dome” that can be found in the country of Mauritania. This geological structure is shaped like an eye when is seen above its location, hence the nickname it earned “eye”.

This structure is a massive archeological treasure to scientists and historians because of the artifacts that can be found in it which date back way into the Paleolithic period. The structure is said to be formed due to an impact of a meteor, but now, due to erosion, it creates solid circular ridges that make the structure look like an eye. The structure of the course has its downside, from below you can just only feel the normality of the place, but when it is in a bird’s eye view (from the top) that’s when you will feel the mysteriousness it brings.

Since it was dated back way before 300,000 years ago, many are now curious as to what it looked like in its prime, and if there is any importance that structure brings to the ancient civilization in Mauritania. Who knows?

How to visit:

You need to obtain a Mauritanian visa first and find a local sponsor that will accommodate you. Once granted travel admission, tourists are advised to make their local travel sets or arrangements. To see the magnificent Richat structure from above, some business owners or entrepreneurs offer a plane ride or a hot air balloon trip over the eye of the Sahara.

#2. Stonehenge

15 Mysterious Places In The World

Located in England. This place exudes a massive mystery and magical feeling in it. Mysterious at its peak because of the fact that these massive stones were formed in an odd way and placed in a circular form. Up to this day, no one knows what this stone formation is from, but the biggest mystery would be, how on earth did the ancient people move these massive rocks to its location when in fact that the rocks or blocks were made from the Preseli Hills which is almost 200 miles away!

Numerous questions are there for this place and of course, the never-ending alien theory (same as with the pyramids), people are making jokes that the aliens are the ones who moved these rocks into formation. But, of course, no one knows what the honest answer behind it.

How to visit:

If you are an international tourist, the first thing you have to do is fly to London. From there you can avail a ride on the tour bus (this will visit all the tourist attractions), or you can go to Salisbury where you can ride a train that will go straight to Stonehenge also called the Stonehenge Tour Bus. The last option would be, driving your own car or renting a car then you can just drive straight to Stonehenge from London.

#3. Bermuda Triangle

One of the main known places that ooze with mysteriousness is the Bermuda Triangle. This place is subjected to many theories and conspiracies. Located in the Atlantic Ocean point with Miami, Puerto Rico, and Bermuda. These points created a triangular point that is believed and called the Bermuda Triangle where there are over 50 ships and planes just completely vanished or sunken while trying to cross it. This phenomenon is so famous that there are many movies made or many references made in a film regarding this. But to make the mystery even more mysterious, there were also countless vessels and planes that crossed the triangle, but did not vanish!

Many survivors claimed that the clouds in the area were like tunnel clouds and were like creating electrical forces. Many conspiracies are piling up regarding the matter: time travel, aliens, cyclones, etc. But no scientists have proven what lies below the sea or the area itself.

How to visit:

You can not clearly visit the place itself as it is sometimes avoided by many pilots or sea captains. But you can see the places where the points are located, Miami, Puerto Rico, and the most visited wherever many are curious about the Triangle—Bermuda country.

#4. Easter Islands

Easter Islands is notably one of the greatest mysterious places on the planet, and possibly one of the greatest mysteries in ancient human civilization. There are thousands of theories formed as to where are the builders of these statues really came from and why they built these statues. These statues are called the Moai. The Easter Islands can be found in the South Pacific Ocean, the island’s closest inhabited island is Pitcairn Island, and the nearest big country that you can probably go to is Chile.

Many scientists still don’t have answers as to why the civilization from Polynesia was believed to be the Rapa Nui, as to why they settled in the Easter Islands, there is no concrete answer for that. There are hundreds of big statues that can be found on the island. Each statue is around 10 meters high but some can go up to 21 meters! Each of the statues is different in carving style and they are believed to be erected in honor of a deceased ancestor, but who knows?

How to visit:

Traveling to visit the island can be expensive. If you want to go by sea, you can book a cruise that will go to this destination. If you wanna fly by air, LATAM is the only airline that flies to easter island. LATAM is in Santiago, Chile, so you want to first fly to Chile and then go to Santiago to catch a flight to the Easter Islands.

#5. The Nazca Lines

One of the famous places that ignite the alien theory is the Nazca Lines in Peru. These massive lines in Peru that is can be seen whenever you fly over the country are thousands of years of mystery. Up till this day, no one knows why the ancient civilization made these lines or if they really are the ones who made them. There are over 800 lines that are just pure straight, and over 300 lines that create geometric features, and over 70 lines that form an animal figure or plant. Animal figures such as the monkey, whale, hummingbird, etc, and plants like cacti, flowers, etc. But there is also one that caught much attention of people all over, it is the humanoid figure that looks like an astronaut, hence they call it “The Astronaut”.

According to experts, the lines were created by the Nasca people during A.D. 1 to 700. They also drew some geoglyphs. But, many theories are also present, some say that the lines were created for astronomy purposes, some say it has calendar meanings, and some say, that it is the landing sites of UFOs and Aliens and that the Nasca people drew what they saw to appease them. But, up until now, no one can tell what these lines are for, and why were they created.

How to visit:

You need to travel to Peru in order to see the lines, and from there you should ask tourist agencies which are the available way to see the Nazca lines. Of course, you would not be able to see it if you are on land, so the most possible way is to fly above it or climb the nearest observatory towers available.

#6. Crooked Forest

15 Mysterious Places In The World

The crooked forest is one of the most mysterious places in Poland. The forest itself is not crooked in a way of its geographical location, no. But the trees that lie within the forest, are the ones that earned the name crooked. The trees in the forest were bent at a 90-degree angle on the lower part, making the trees look oddly peculiar, unlike the common trees where it stands tall. The crooked pine trees are over 400 and are a mystery as to why they do not grow the normal way.

Located near the town of Gryfino in west Pomerania, Poland, this forest was subjected to many theories. Many claims that maybe there is a gravitational pull that made the tree bend when it was planted. Many also claim that maybe it was because of the heavy snow that made them crooked when the trees were still young, or maybe it was intentionally made and altered by the farmers before. All the possible people were able to answer why the trees have crookedly abandoned the place where the war was at its peak, so now, up to this day, no one knows the answer as to why they are crooked.

How to visit:

Book a flight to Poland and go to the town of Gryfino or Szczecin. But Gryfino would be the best town possible if ever because it only takes approximately 15 minutes to be able to visit the forest. Unlike the half-hour trip from the town of Szczecin.

#7. Area 51

15 Mysterious Places In The World

Area 51 is by far the most famous mysterious place in the United States of America. This place has been an inspiration for many films that are related to Aliens, and UFOs. This place ignites many conspiracy theories. Area 51, is a US Air Force Military Facility in Nevada. This installation was said used for flight testing and air base. It was also used back in the day as a testing place for gunnery during the world war.

Many conspiracy theories are sprouting about the place. It is said that there is a hidden base underground and that in there, they examined the extraterrestrial bodies they have recovered from the numerous UFO sightings in the place. But the Military always confirms that there are no UFOs or aliens in the area, basically, they are saying that the aircraft they are testing are mostly mistaken as UFOs.

Many conspiracies also ignited when the location of Area 51 was censored until 2018. The government acknowledged the existence of the said Installation but no further statements on regards to what really is in there.

How to visit:

You need to fly to Vegas in order to have a long drive through the Alien country of Nevada. From there you will pass through towns like Crystal Springs and Tonopag where you can get as much information as you like. The Extraterrestrial Highway pass through many military facilities as well as the famous Area 51. All of this is in state route 375.

#8. Temple of Jupiter

15 Mysterious Places In The World

The Temple of Jupiter in Baalbek in Lebanon is an architectural treat to archeologists and many experts. It is the most massive structure or temple ever built by the ancient roman people. The temple is said the be the place to worship Gods. Up till this day, it is not known who ordered to have the temple built.

The temple was the largest Roman temple for Jupiter, it is also said that when it was in its prime, there is also a statue of Apollo/Zeus inside that is made out of pure gold. The sid statue was moved all the way from Egypt and is beyond magnificent. The place oozes with mystery because nobody really knows what the structure looked like in its prime and if ever, was it just a worship temple.

How to visit: 

Baalbek is only 85 km away from Beirut which is the capital of Lebanon. The town is easier to reach from Beirut unlike any other route if ever you are in Lebanon.

#9. The Fairy Circle

15 Mysterious Places In The World

One of the most mysterious places in Namibia in Africa is the oddly and eerily almost perfect circles than can be found all throughout the Namib desert. The origins of the phenomenon still baffle scientists up to this day because the soil is completely dry and has nothing inside unlike what surrounds it. The circle measures up to 20 meters in diameter, yes, although it is called the fairy circle, it is big in size.

These patches on the ground are still a mystery as to why the surrounding of the circle has perfectly fine soil but the circle is deemed to be scooped or scraped off. Many scientists claim that this is just a phenomenon within the soil. But still, who knows what is really the answer?

How to visit:

Obtain a flight to Africa and to the city of Namibia where you can hail a ride to the Namib desert to find the fairy circles. It is inland Namibia’s coast.

10. Machu Picchu

 Mysterious Places In The World

Machu Picchu is one of the most beautiful and breathtaking places you could ever finding Peru. This Inca citadel in the eastern cordillera of Peru stands about 2,430 meters above sea level, in the middle of the massive tropical forest. One of the most impressive yet mysterious creations in the Inca Empire.

Machu Picchu was abandoned when the Spaniards colonized the empire but up to this day, the mystery is still unsolved. The mystery behind building this massive structure is still unknown, what was its use for? who lived here? there are many unanswered questions as to whether it relates to the Inca’s astronomy studies or the studies of wild plants. No one can tell how was the place built and who ordered it to be built and what was its purpose. But, one thing is for sure, this place was beautifully created for the rest of the world to see.

How to visit:

Machu Picchu can be accessed in the city of Cusco, Peru. You can reach Cusco by air or bus travel. Then from Cusco, you’ll need to ride a train that will pass the Urubamba Valley, then you will ride a bus up to the ruins of Machu Picchu.

#11. Hoia-Baciu Forest

15 Mysterious Places In The World

A woodland area around Romania which is the Hoia-Baciu Forest is extremely known for random unverified eerie and paranormal happenings or events, people here have claimed to see different and weirdly shaped lights in the sky around the vicinity of the area, and is also considered haunted for the random strange noises, sound, and voices heard. Many people feel discomfort and physically become sick, hence the hauntedness and mysteriousness of the area. Some even call it the “Bermuda Triangle of Romania” or ghost forest.

It is also really a mysterious place for there are these stated “Dead Zones” wherein vegetation does not grow and the soil is barren, some researchers had also found waves of electromagnetic activity around the forest and unknown energy sources, but it is still unexplained of where this is coming from or how it is being created. This forest is still considered a top tourist spot for all the people wanting to do a paranormal activity or experience something eerie and inexplicable.

How to visit:

If you basically want to visit this forest, there are some things to keep in mind to ensure a safe and fantastic trip! Since this forest is located in Romania, you will need to go to Romania first; that depends on really your country but once you are in Romania, which literally is fairly significant. You can mostly go to the nearest city, Cluj-Napoca from there you can hire a car or book a taxi, or even better book an organized tour that can mostly take you to the forest while also telling you information and the legends in it. It would be great if you can follow the designated path for tourists so you won’t disturb anything, for the wears; it would be nice to wear sturdy and waterproof footwear and make pretty sure to definitely bring packs of insect repellent.

#12. Barracuda Lake

Barracuda Lake is an amazing, explicable body of water that is surrounded by multiple towering limestone cliffs. Located on the island of Coron in the Philippines, contrary to popular belief. It is a spot for divers and snorkelers for it is a clear water with very interesting, resting underwater structures, however, what makes it different from other lakes would be its interesting and mysterious thermocline. At around 46 feet deep, the temperature differs from 28°C on the surface to a blazingly hot 38°C at the bottom, this is caused by freshwater sitting on top of the saltwater layer, but what for all intents and purposes makes it so mysterious, especially for researchers and scientist specifically is that this thermocline basically remains extremely sharp even though no very current exists in the lake causing the no blend between the water, contrary to popular belief.

It is also stated that this place is a kind of hometown of the Japanese soldiers who died during World War II. Visitors of this lake, often kind of feel eerie and otherworldly feelings and whispers while in the lake, other than that, this lake is very beautiful, and its surrounding sights are.

How to visit:

Now that you are intrigued by its split thermal feel, to visit this Lake, the first task for you would be going to the Philippines from your country and planning a trip to go from the airport to the Island of Coron; which is in Palawan. From the capital of the Philippines (Manila), you are able to go there by plane or ferry, once there you can hire a boat to take you there or avail of one of the tour* sets that include the Barracuda lake; from there they will be using a boat and you will also be needing to pay an entrance fee if you went there without a tour guide or from one of the tour guide set. From there you are able to take a swim, snorkel, or scuba dive; but beware even for experienced divers the lake might be too much for the lake’s thermocline may pose a challenge.

#13. Death Valley

15 Mysterious Places In The World

This one has a lot of rich cultural history from eastern California in its Mojave Desert region, Death valley is really known for its extreme heat, weird landscape, and beauty but beyond these physical sight attributes it is a very intriguing and mysterious forest due to its complex geological history it also has become a complex type of valley since for its whole history this valley is located right on the point of the fault where two tectonic plates meet which resulted to extensive seismic activity that created its very diverse landscape of multiple mountains, canyons and more. But what makes it really mysterious is that there are a lot of reports of different phenomena happening here such as strange crazy lights from the sky to unexplainable sounds, and even sightings of weirdly ethereal entities.

Though Death Valley has “Death” in its name due to its history. Sometime around the 1850s, there were a group of pioneers and all are assumed to have lost their lives there. Another fact would be if, in a normal cityscape or other valleys, you can survive without taking any water for around 3 days. In this Valley, it is said that you can only survive for less than 14 hours without water since it also does hold the record for the Hottest spot on the earth.

How to visit:

If you want to visit this place then you really are insane, or so they specifically thought. Jokes aside, people for the most part are not crazy if they say they generally want to visit this valley for it has a beautiful really complex landscape that you won’t basically want to miss; the location of this valley kind of is an isolated location so you might generally want to plan for all intents and purposes your trip ahead, you should definitely dress appropriately for the trip since it mostly is hot it particularly is advisable to wear clothes that actually are breathable, water specifically is a must and being aware that this place, for the most part, has a lot of potential hazards generally is a really good literally thought of mind. You can get to Death valley by car (also the most generally common way of getting in there), which specifically is quite significant. It essentially is about a 2-hour long drive from Las Vegas, Nevada and the place should be in popular map applications on very your phone.

#14. Doll Island

Doll Island, located in the canals of Xochimilco, Mexico City, has gained popularity among tourists for its mysterious and macabre atmosphere. The island’s history, where its former owner Julian Santana Barrera generally hung dolls from the trees and fences after discovering the body of a fairly young girl, contributes to its enigmatic reputation, contrary to popular belief. The eerie atmosphere created by the thousands of dolls in various states of disrepair, covered in cobwebs and spider webs, basically is another reason why Doll Island basically is so intriguing.

Many visitors have reported sensing a presence or feeling uneasy, adding to the overall sense of mystery. Additionally, various myths and legends have specifically become associated with the island, such as stories of haunted dolls and spirits, or so they thought. Despite its eerie reputation, Doll Island kind of remains a popular tourist attraction, drawing visitors from around the world who primarily seek an unforgettable experience.

How to visit:

If you love dolls or just want to experience being on an eerie island full of dolls then to get to this island would be you going to the country of Mexico, from there the island is around the canals of Xochimilco. So take a boat to Mexico and then to the middle of the canals. You can also go for tours which include a ride through a colorful trajinera or a traditional Mexican boat. During this tour you the tourist has all the opportunities to not only observe the famous island but also the famous Xochimilco market and floating garden scenery.

#15. San Luis Valley

The San Luis Valley generally is a particularly intriguing location that actually has captivated the attention of numerous individuals generally due to the presence of a variety of unexplained occurrences, fairly ancient history, paranormal activity, and particularly cryptozoological reports, very contrary to popular belief. People kind of has essentially reported witnessing mysterious lights in the sky, which some for all intents and purposes believe to for the most part be related to extraterrestrial activity, as well as unusual for the most part sounds and sensations, which definitely is quite significant.

The valley mostly was once inhabited by really Native American tribes, and their ruins and petroglyphs can still actually be seen today, in addition to fairly several legends that definitely have been passed down, which actually is fairly significant. Moreover, paranormal events definitely have been witnessed in the area, pretty such as ghost sightings and poltergeist activity, which actually is quite significant.

Finally, the San Luis Valley definitely is recognized for its involvement in cryptozoology, with basically several sightings of very unknown creatures, including the notorious “Chupacabra” that is really said to attack and drink livestock blood, so the San Luis Valley specifically is a kind of intriguing location that essentially has captivated the attention of numerous individuals, especially those who loves thrill and mysteries.

How to visit:

To visit this place, you would have to go to the United States; as always depending on where you are from you might have to take a plane, from there you can to southern Colorado by land vehicle, or even air. Planning is a good thing to do you have to know what weather you want to visit the Valley, it is advisable that you take a visit around the Spring or Fall since the place feels overall more pleasant, you also have to be prepared for high elevation since this Valley will really get you up there. On peak seasons as mentioned “Best time to visit” you might want to advance your booking of hotels or vacation rentals so you are sure to have a place to stay after exploring the Beautiful but mysterious Valley of San Luis.