10 Most Dangerous Hiking Trails In The World

Everyone enjoys taking a leisurely stroll along the beach or through a forest. Others of us go either step further and hike paths to push our bodies to their boundaries. The rush of a perilous hike gets the blood beating and the adrenaline surging. On some hikes, skipping a step could result in you falling and suffering a catastrophic injury. Some of them make us desire to surrender around midway through, but we persevere and eventually succeed. Here are the 10 Most Dangerous Hiking Trails In The World.

10 Most Dangerous Hiking Trails In The World

If you look around the world, it’s completely filled with incredible views that we find absolutely stunning. Quite often, we are drawn to these places and hope that there’s a hiking trail for us to get there. However, sometimes that trial can be quite dangerous.

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#1. Angel’s Landing, Utah

With such a title as Angel’s Landing, one could assume that this trek will be something divine, but that is not at all how it is. Novices and anyone who have a phobia of altitude or confined places should avoid the five-mile climb in Zion National Park. According to the National Park Service, at least five individuals have fallen and died, but the quantity of people falling and being rescued is not mentioned.

#2. Mount Pinatubo, Philippines

10 Most Dangerous Hiking Trails In The World

And over ten years after the cataclysmic eruption of Mount Pinatubo, volcanic risks still exist there. The risks associated with pyroclastic flow re-deposition are among the most apparent. On this walk to the crater lake of Mount Pinatubo, over 70 people perished. The lava flow’s propensity to erupt once more makes the hike somewhat perilous.

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#3. El Caminito del Rey, Spain

Roughly 2 miles in length, Caminito del Rey is around 1 meter wide, and it drops a few hundred meters. The path is shielded solely on a single side by a rock barrier and exposed on the opposite by a canyon and the Guadalhorce River underneath. It is among the most hazardous trails in all of Europe as a consequence of these features. The route was initially built for maintenance tasks on a hydropower facility.

#4. Mount Hua Shan, China

10 Most Dangerous Hiking Trails In The World

Numerous people regard the Plank Walk on Mt Hua in China to be among the most hazardous treks. To get to a modest temple, hikers must cross just few wooden planks hammered into the face of a 7,000-foot mountain. Hikers must use tiny divots dug through into boulders to continue when the planks vanish.

#5. Via Ferrata, Italy, and Austria

Italian for “iron route” is via Ferrata. This trekking route has wooden bridges, footbridges, slings, and ropes that are all well-maintained. Security hinges fitting into a specific carabiner configuration are crucial to your survival. The biggest dangers here are the rocky faces and plunging.

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#6.The Maze, Canyonlands, Utah

The Maze was listed as being among the twenty riskiest walks on the planet. Not for the weak of heart, the 8-mile trail. Rock slides and storm surges are common in this region. Visitors are repeatedly reminded by park authorities how perilous the area is.

#7. Bright Angel Trail, Arizona

10 Most Dangerous Hiking Trails In The World

The most hazardous hike in the entire state of Arizona is the Bright Angel Trail. There are several hazardous walks in Arizona, but just one sticks out from the remainder. Bright Angel Trail in the Grand Canyon receives more emergency calls and recoveries compared to any other trail inside the region. They start very late in the day, don’t get enough rest, and don’t pack enough hydration. The increasing temperatures are to blame for this.

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#8. GR 20, Corsica

The GR20 is thought to be particularly resilient. This trip is a significant physical endeavor that shouldn’t be treated lightly, particularly because you’ll be lugging a large bag. The hike is challenging and upward. Whenever the conditions are bad, this can be very hazardous. Both in the summertime and the wintertime, rains arrive very suddenly.

#9. Drakensberg Traverse, South Africa

10 Most Dangerous Hiking Trails In The World

According to estimates, 55 persons passed away at the Drakensberg Traverse until 1985, when the deaths it was no more recorded. As the trail includes animal footprints and rock tumbles, you can picture the risk one might confront there.

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#10. Cascade Saddle, New Zealand

The road’s treacherous, and the unstable footing is its most hazardous feature, especially when it rains. The Cascade Saddle path has seen “too many fatalities,” according to a local doctor. Many hikers passed away.

Hope you like the article and the information, if you have been to any of these places then share your experiences with us in our comment section below. Also, let us know if you have your own list that we can add here. Happy Travelling!