12 Interesting Facts About Europe You Might Not Aware of

The entire continent of Europe can be found in the Northern and Eastern Hemispheres. Snow, sun, seas, accents, and many other elements can be found on this continent. Europe has a rich cultural and historical heritage. One of the most popular tourist destinations on the planet, it is. The European continent is a must-see destination for any travel enthusiast or tourist who wants to enjoy its natural beauty and visually stunning landscapes and architecture. There are numerous interesting and humorous facts that are unknown to many people. Here are 12 facts about Europe that nobody knows.

Let’s dive right into the 12 facts about Europe nobody knows!

1# Home to the smallest country in the world

12 facts about Europe

Yes! You read that right. Europe is the home to the world’s smallest country, that is Vatican City. Sounds like a city, but it is in fact, a country. Not just any other country, but, the world’s smallest country, gauging around 0.02 miles. Vatican City is also the official residence of the Pope. Being the smallest country means that Vatican City is also home to Europe’s smallest population. Due to its own mint, which can print euros, providing its own passports, media outlets, national anthem, and even stamps, Vatican City is remarkably self-sustainable.

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2# The Knighted Penguin

12 facts about Europe

One of the penguins at the Edinburgh Zoo holds a quite powerful rank. A Knighted Penguin. You read that right again. A knighted penguin from Norway resides in the Edinburgh Zoo. Nils Olav III is his name. He is the third king penguin since 1972 to serve as colonel-in-chief and the symbol of the Norwegian King Guard. The most well-known king penguin in the world, who was already a knight, was given the new title of “Brigadier Sir Nils Olav.” A special ceremony where over 50 uniformed members of His Majesty the King of Norway’s Guard were present and presented the distinguished title.

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3# Multiple Monarchies across the Continent

There are more than 10 monarchies that are still standing in the European continent. As of 2022, there are currently twelve sovereign monarchies in Europe. There are other royal families in the world besides the British Monarchy. In actuality, Denmark boasts Europe’s oldest monarchy. Viking Kings Gorm the Old and Harold Bluetooth established it in 935. Spain, Sweden, Norway, The Netherlands, Liechtenstein, Andorra, and Belgium are the other eight kingdoms that can be found in Europe.

4# Oldest Monarchy in Europe

Denmark has been governed by the Danish Monarchy for more than a millennium. A millennium means over 1000 years. This royal family is the oldest in all of Europe, dating back to Gorm the Old and including present Queen Margrethe II. There are monarchies even if the late Queen Elizabeth and her family receive the majority of the media attention in the UK. In actuality, Denmark boasts Europe’s oldest monarchy. Viking Kings Gorm the Old and Harold Bluetooth established it in 935.

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5# The Hidden British Museum Collection

The 8 million works of art and antiquities in the British Museum’s collection are so numerous that it is impossible to display them all. When you visit this London museum, you are only seeing 1% of the collection because there is only space for 80,000 pieces to be shown. There are at least 8 million items in the British Museum’s collection. The British Museum in Bloomsbury has about 80,000 items on display for visitors at any given moment. Even though this represents just 1% of the collection, the displays feature many of the most significant pieces.

6# The mystery behind its Name

The continent of Europe got its name from Princess Europa. The name of the continent of Europe was derived from the Phoenician princess Europa. She was Zeus’s lover. One of the numerous consorts of Danaus, king of Libya, Europe was regarded as a queen in her own nation. In fact, the mythical figure Europa was a Phoenician princess. Her name, which translates to “wide face,” provides a hint as to how she fits within the canon of ancient Greek mythology. Since we are returning to prehistory, everything that follows is speculative. Europa is a member of a mythological family that includes both human and heavenly members who are said to be the ancestors of the Greeks and numerous nearby ethnic groups.

Let’s continue ahead with the rest of the 12 facts about Europe nobody knows.

7# The Country with the most Castles

12 facts about Europe

Europe is the region to visit if you want to see castles. There is so much rich history and a variety of civilizations to be discovered. There are attractions on this beautiful continent that no other nation or continent can match. But did you know that the bulk of castles was in the Czech Republic? Even though Europe has some very spectacular historical sites, the Czech Republic has the most castles because so many royal dynasties called it home. In all of Europe, it boasts the most castles. The Czech Republic has more castles and chateaux than any other nation in Europe, with over 2000.

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8# No clinking in Hungary

12 facts about Europe

It is not culturally acceptable to clink glasses in Hungary, especially when drinking beer. Don’t clink your drink during a toast unless you want to be perceived as impolite. According to legend, the regulation stems from Hungary’s 13 Martyrs of Arad being executed in 1849. According to legend, a group of Austrian generals raised their beers in jubilation as the Hungarian revolutionaries died. Cheers should be said with the Hungarian phrase Egészségedre (egg-esh ay-ged-reh).

9# Happiest Continent on the Planet

12 facts about Europe

Every year, European countries occasionally top the World Happiness Report’s list of the happiest places to live. According to the report’s most recent revision, Finland is the happiest nation on earth. Nine out of the top ten happiest nations in the world are in Europe, according to a new survey. In the annual World Happiness Report, Finland was named the happiest nation in the world for the fifth consecutive year, sharing the title with other European nations. Simply expressed, those who reside in Europe or in other European nations tend to be the happiest people on earth. As a result, it is the world’s happiest continent.

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10# European Russia

12 facts about Europe

In the largest country on Earth, around 78% of the population, or more than 110 million people, reside in Europe. In Europe, where more than half of Russia’s population resides, there are 110 million more people than there are overall on the continent. As a result, Russia has the greatest population in all of Europe. Therefore, just roughly 22% of its population resides in the rest of Russia, which comprises 75% of the nation’s total area. Basically, European Russia makes up the majority of Russia.

11# The Mosquito-free Paradise

Mosquitoes are a problem in practically every nation on earth. But in Iceland, located in Europe, this is not the case. One of the few livable places on Earth without mosquitoes is Iceland. Iceland is mosquito-free because of a dearth of shallow ponds and temperatures that aren’t conducive to mosquito breeding, so you can always sleep with your windows open there. Iceland is the spot for you if you want to avoid any possibility of mosquito bites.

12# Europeans love their Wine

12 facts about Europe

By far, Europe continues to be the continent that produces the most wine. Together, the top three wine-producing nations in the world and in Europe—Italy, France, and Spain—produce more than half of all wine consumed worldwide. These three nations produce half the quantity of the world’s wine. Together, they produce between 60 and 70 percent of the world’s wine. But Europeans genuinely enjoy their wine, and the majority of them produce some of it at least in small quantities.

So these were the 12 facts about Europe nobody knows. Europe is home to many mysteries, fun facts, architecture, cultures, and natural beauties. From producing wine to knighting a penguin, Europe covers a wide domain of elements in its culture.