7 Places On Earth Where Sun Never Sets!

Given the geographical idea that the Sun is up in the day and declines in the dark, partitioning day into 12 hours each, you get 24 hours per day. This is because usually a single side of the spherical Earth can ever be facing the Sun at any given time as it revolves on its axis all over sun. There are many places where there was never a sunset till now. These places are known as lands where the sun never sets. Here are 7 Places on Earth where Sun Never Sets.


The Land of the Midnight Sun is the name of this region. It is only reasonable to start by mentioning its name. Norway as a whole does not experience sunsets due to its location in the Arctic Circle. It belongs to Europe. Truth be told, the Sun seldom sets from May to late July. This implies that the Sun doesn’t set for roughly 76 days. It is additionally the most northerly populous area in Europe. You can schedule your trip to this location during this period and enjoy days without a night.

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2#Nunavut, Canada

Each year here also includes about 2 months without a dusk. Nevertheless, this location also experiences 30 nonstop days of darkness during the wintertime. As per surrounding region, Canada is the 4th largest nation in the world. The city of Nunavut is nestled in North America, 2 points above the Arctic Circle. Only 3000 people live there. It raises questions about the person’s potential to endure and live in such icy environments.

Places On Earth Where Sun Never Sets!

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Upon the location, there isn’t any nightfall in June because the sun never sets at this time. Grimsey Island and Akureyri are the locations where one can see the midnight Sun. The Aurora is indeed the factor that has made this place famous. After Great Britain, Iceland is the largest island in Europe. Iceland has brilliant night skies in the summer.

4#Barrow, Alaska

From May through July, this location is fully illuminated. Nevertheless, it is the exact reverse of November annually, when the Sun doesn’t really rise whatsoever. For over thirty days in this period, the area does not experience sunrises. The circumstance is also known as Polar Night. Throughout the bleak colder months, the nation is in total darkness. Alaska, the biggest state in the union, is renowned for its breathtaking glaciers. For nearly 2.5 months, the Sun doesn’t really occult Alaska.

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5# Finland

The land of a thousand lakes and islands is another name for this region. In the summertime, the Sun is visible in the majority of Finnish cities for roughly 70 solid days. After that, the Sun stays up for an additional 73 days without setting. Another explanation for why locals snooze more in the wintertime and less during the summertime. Admire the auroras in this pitch-black sky.

Places On Earth Where Sun Never Sets!

6# Sweden

The 19000-person city located in northern Sweden doesn’t see a sundown for about four months out of the year. The Sun sets in Sweden about nightfall and rises there early in the morning from initial May to late August. Up to six months can pass continuously without any sun. The most well-liked season to travel to this place is from May to August each year, during the stage of no sundown.

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7# Saint Petersburg, Russia

7# Saint Petersburg, Russia

There are more than a million people living in this region of Russia. Additionally, it is the planet’s farthest northern city. Because of the location’s high elevation, it doesn’t get dark for an entire month and a half because the sun doesn’t set far enough south.

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