10 Facts About The Philippines You Probably Didn’t Know

It's more fun in the Philippines
10 Things About The Philippines You Probably Didn't Know

Southeast Asian countries are topping their game of ‘places you should visit in the Asian continent’. These countries are known to be tropical places, as they are located near the equator, meaning they only experience two seasons, summer, and monsoon season. But, what these countries have to be proud of is that the weather is great for beach outings or just plainly going out for adventures with nature. One country among the Southeast Asian countries that is known for its beautiful beaches, islands, and welcoming people with hospitality—is the Philippines.

Home to 7,641 islands, the Philippines is known for its extraordinary islands and beaches. One of the most famous beaches in the Philippines is Boracay. Boracay is very popular among tourists as well as other islands in Luzon, Visayas, and Mindanao—the three major islands in the Philippines. These facts are just the most common among all the interesting facts/things about the Philippines. In this article, we’ll talk about the other facts that make sense in the Philippines, so if you are planning to visit the country, or plainly interested in it, you should dive deeper into this article.

10 Things About The Philippines You Probably Didn't Know

10 Facts About the Philippines, that you may not know:

Among all the many interesting facts about the Philippines, we have a list of what may seem unfamiliar or new to the eyes and ears of people like you who know the country, the Philippines.

#1. Out of 7,641 islands, only 2000 are inhabited

Among the many islands in the Philippines, only 2000 islands are inhabited. These islands form an archipelago, divided and named after the three major islands you may know—Luzon, Visayas, and Mindanao. These islands are proud in any form be they built with a bustling city, a quiet and rural province, or a developed island with beautiful beaches to visit. The Philippines is known to be composed of many islands so it is not surprising that it has only maximized its habitation to few, as this country is protecting its rich natural resources.

 Things About The Philippines You Probably Didn't Know

2. Philippines was colonized by the Spaniards for 333 years

Yes, that’s right! The Philippines was under Spanish colonization for three centuries. It has been so long to the point that Spanish was the official language in the Philippines that time, up until now, although the country has already established its own main language—Tagalog, some of the Filipino words are still inspired by the Spanish era, E.g “kamusta” which means “how are you?”, this Tagalog word originates from the Spanish term “como estas” which also means “how are you?” There numerous terms and phrases from the Spanish era are in this country’s generation up until now.

#3. The Philippine Flag indicates whether the country is at war or no

The Philippine flag is known for its 4 colored appearance—blue, red, white, and yellow. When the blue part of the flag is seen at top of the red one, it means that the country is at peace, with no impending wars, or civil wars happening in the country. When the latter is seen, (red part on top) it indicates that the country is in a state of war.

10 Things About The Philippines You Probably Didn't Know

#4. The Philippine Tarsier is the second-smallest Primate in the world

Weighing just three-five ounces, the Philippine Tarsier is one of the most amazingly beautiful yet peculiar animals in the world. With just the size of an adult palm, these small creatures only live in a specific habitat in the Philippines. Known for their big eyes and tiny bodies, these tree-hugging animals only live in bushy vegetation forests with lots of insects for their food.

10 Things About The Philippines You Probably Didn't Know

#5. “Jeepney” 

Jeepney is the most popular transportation for commuters in the Philippines! This vehicle is considered a national treasure as it can be only found in the Philippines. This vehicle was reimagined from the military jeeps left by the American armies/militaries in the 1940s. It was designed to be occupied by many to few people for the comfort of transport. It was styled retro style, and somehow modern.

These Jeepneys will ‘never’ be not seen in the streets of Manila. With lovely jeepney drivers on the go,you will never be consciously riding these jeepneys when in the Philippines.

10 Things About The Philippines You Probably Didn't Know

#6. Jollibee, is the Philippines is McDonald’s

Jollibee is also one of the pride and joy of the Philippines. It is a fast food chain equivalent to McDonald’s. These days, more Jollibee stores are opening internationally, introducing its famous ‘Chicken Joy’ the deliciously fried chicken with its tasty gravy. It is a must that you need to try out Jollibee whenever you’re in the Philippines!

Things About The Philippines You Probably Didn't Know

#7. ‘Ber months’ is the start of the Christmas Season in the Philippines

Yes, that’s right! Christmas is the most celebrated holiday in the Philippines, in fact, it is the longest one celebrated. When the ‘ber months’ (September – December) start, it is the start of the Christmas countdown in the country! You can already see some Christmas decorations or so, but, it is mostly in the peak in November- December. You can also hear Christmas carols playing in the malls or the streets even if it is just November! How fun is that?

10 Things About The Philippines You Probably Didn't Know

8. Majority of the Filipinos can speak and understand English

Tagalog is the local language but English is widely spoken to the point of many Filipinos are mixing them together in normal conversation, hence, Taglish (Tagalog + English).

10 Things About The Philippines You Probably Didn't Know

9. Filipinos love to sing!

There’s an ongoing joke in the Philippines, that you don’t give a microphone to a Filipino. Never let them handle a mic because they will belt out and sing! Singing is one of the Filipino’s proud talents as every Filipino (or not all but the majority) household has a singer in the family!


10. Filipinos are foodies!

The Philippines is known for its delicious local meals, but what would these meals be if there are no foodies that cook and eat them! Filipinos are known to eat deliciously, they enjoy every meal with much “gusto” and they are also inventive! They make new recipes and twists on some classic foods you might know!

10 Things About The Philippines You Probably Didn't Know

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