14 Off The Beaten And Exotic Destinations For Travel Adventure

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Going to places that are dubbed as “Places You Have To Visit” means that you can assume that many tourists like you are also making that certain place one of the places on their bucket list, or the place they want to visit. Going to famous destinations is all fun because you get to experience what you see on travel diaries or mainstream travel blogs and websites, but how about the off-the-beaten places that are waiting to be discovered more?

There is something about beautiful places that are lowkey to the public or not much of a tourist attraction but is still breathtakingly beautiful. The idea that the place may have a low number of tourists is kinda exciting. For sure real backpackers or adventure junkies love this kind of thing. There are many off-the beaten travel destinations all around the world but if you don’t know where to start, then this article will help you.

#1. Romania

Romania has got to be the most underrated country ever. Despite all of its rich culture preserved, international tourists are not that many and the beautiful attractions are waiting to be seen. Romania is known to be home to beautiful castles and medieval structures. Also, it is the home of the famous Transylvania, where Dracula lives. Yes, basically Romania has it all, from fairytale-like castles to castles that are kind of like Dracula’s lair. Jokes aside, Romania is also home to many cuisines that will fill your traveler’s stomach! Also, if you wanted to experience the best Halloween of your life, then you might want to visit Bran Castle on Holloween.

Source: Bran Castle

#2. Cuba

Another country that is bustling with culture and heritage, and also a non-mainstream tourist destination. Cuba is like a country that remains frozen in time, because of the rich colonial architecture, the beautiful coastal area, the nightlife, and big infrastructures such as churches that are erected in the Spanish colonization periods. Havana is considered to be the city where most of the tourists are but all in all, Cuba has many cities and towns you can visit that is not really known internationally to other travelers.

Source: Trip Cuba

#3. Sudan

Located in northeast Africa, this country is one of the most off-the-beaten countries in the whole world. Sudan has only a cash-only basis making it harder for foreigners to exchange any currencies there, that’s why this also pays a big impact on why tourists do not go to this country for travel. Even though Sudan is kind of like a complicated country for foreigners, it still has over 14,000 and above visitors per year. The thing about Sudan that the travelers are aiming for is the Pyramids. Yes, Sudan has more Pyramids than Egypt. Sudan has almost 250 and above pyramids, which are a hundred more than the pyramids in Egypt. So, basically, the rich culture of the well-preserved pyramids is the best destination here in Sudan.

Source: State Department

#4. Lebanon

Where the past meets the present. Lebanon is like an actual museum because structures from the past are literally just there in the public blending through the modern time. The rich history of Lebanon can be seen all throughout the country. This country in the Middle East has been occupied in the past in the Neolithic times and is related to the Mediterranean Region, hence the European structures and all. Also, you can find Beirut in Lebanon. Beirut is the capital of Lebanon and is dubbed the “Paris of the Middle East”

Source: Forbes

#5. Bhutan

Bhutan is also one of the most off-the-beaten destinations you must add to your list. This country is the true definition of “Frozen in time”. The country really preserved its culture and ancient infrastructure. This country is also considered to be one of the most beautiful countries in the world, but despite this title, it is still not mainstream to travelers, which makes the country keep its mysterious vibe and whimsical feeling.

Source: Asia Tours

#6. Taiwan

One thing about Taiwan is that when you heard of the country, you’ll eventually think that a lot of tourists go here. But in reality, Taiwan is just a small country and mostly not mainstream to travelers or backpackers. But, if there is one thing about Taiwan aside from the greatly preserved architecture, is the food. You can never miss out a food stall in Taiwan especially if the night falls.

#7. Uruguay

Uruguay is another small country, located between Argentina and Brazil. Uruguay has some European charms into it, as some of the old structures and towns are medieval-period clones. That only means that they have preserved the natural and authentic structures within the country. This off the beaten destination has so much to offer, one is the beautiful Atlantic coast, and the second is their red wine which is surprisingly not being mainstream yet. if you want to disconnect from the world, then you might want to try Uruguay. It may be a small country but at least, they’re good people and at the same time, they listen to”Unholy”

Source: Planetsofhotel.com

#8. El Salvador

El Salvador is another underrated off beaten destination for backpackers and travelers. The real gems are not found in the city, although the city is bustling with amazing architecture, still, the beaches and the surfing turfs are the ones you can enjoy more. Santa Ana is one of the most beautiful towns in El Salvador. With breathtaking downtown architecture and all, churches or cathedrals. Also, one of the things you need to do too is take a picture of the Santa Ana volcano. This volcano inspires Antoine de Saint-Exupéry’s novel “The Little Prince”.

Source: TrippSavvy

#9.The Danakil Depression, Ethiopia

The Danakil Depression is a remote and inhospitable region located in northeastern Ethiopia. Despite its harsh conditions, the area is home to a unique and diverse landscape, including active volcanoes, salt flats, and hot springs. Visitors can take a guided tour of the region to witness the geothermal activity, visit the salt mines, and meet the Afar people, who have lived in this area for centuries.

The Danakil Depression, Ethiopia 


#10.Svaneti, Georgia 

Svaneti is a remote region located in the Caucasus Mountains of Georgia. This area is known for its stunning mountain landscapes, traditional architecture, and rich cultural heritage. Visitors can hike in the mountains, visit the medieval Svaneti tower houses, or go horseback riding to explore the local villages and countryside. In addition, Svaneti is home to several ski resorts, making it a great destination for winter sports.

Svaneti, Georgia


#11. Zanzibar, Tanzania –

Zanzibar is a spice island located off the coast of Tanzania that offers a unique blend of African, Arab, and Indian cultures. This destination is known for its stunning beaches, rich history, and vibrant local markets. Visitors can explore the historic stone town, relax on the beaches, or go on a spice tour to learn about the local spices and how they are harvested and processed.

Zanzibar, Tanzania

#12. San Blas Islands, Panama –

The San Blas Islands are a stunning archipelago located off the coast of Panama. This remote destination is home to the indigenous Kuna people and offers breathtaking beaches, crystal-clear waters, and a chance to escape the crowds. Visitors can explore the islands by boat, snorkel in the turquoise waters, or visit a Kuna village to learn about their culture and way of life.

San Blas Islands, Panama


#13. Haida Gwaii, Canada –

Haida Gwaii is a remote archipelago off the coast of British Columbia that is home to a rich indigenous culture and stunning natural beauty. The Haida people have lived on these islands for thousands of years, and they maintain a strong connection to their ancestral traditions. Visitors can explore the lush rainforests, and rugged coastline, and visit the Haida Heritage Centre to learn about the history and culture of the Haida people.

Haida Gwaii, Canada


#14. Tromsø, Norway –

Tromsø is a city located above the Arctic Circle, and it’s known for its incredible opportunities for viewing the Northern Lights. This city is also a hub for Arctic adventure, offering activities like dog sledding, snowmobiling, and reindeer sledding. In addition, Tromsø has a rich cultural heritage and a thriving music and arts scene. The city is surrounded by breathtaking natural beauty, including fjords, mountains, and glaciers.

Tromsø, Norway