15 Things To Know Before Moving To Hungary

15 Things To Know Before Moving To Hungary

Hungary, officially known as the Republic of Hungary, is a landlocked country in Central Europe. With a rich history and cultural heritage, Hungary is renowned for its beautiful architecture, thermal baths, and vibrant nightlife. The country has a population of around 10 million people, with the majority living in the capital city of Budapest.

Hungary is a member of the European Union, NATO, the United Nations, and the World Trade Organization. The country’s economy is diverse and has undergone significant growth over the past decade. Hungary is also known for its strong agricultural sector, with the country producing a range of crops, including wheat, corn, and sunflowers.

Hungary is a popular destination for tourists, with millions of visitors flocking to the country every year. The country’s natural beauty, including its many lakes and rivers, and its rich history, make it a unique and fascinating place to explore. Whether you’re interested in medieval castles, thermal baths, or delicious cuisine, Hungary has something to offer everyone.

If you’re considering moving to Hungary, it’s important to do your research and prepare accordingly. Understanding the language, visa requirements, cost of living, and other important factors will help ensure a smooth transition to your new life in Hungary. With its welcoming people, stunning landscapes, and vibrant culture, Hungary is a wonderful place to call home.

#1. Cost of Living in Hungary

Cost of living - Girl Checking over Hungary

They believed it was essential to carefully evaluate the cost of living in Hungary before moving there. The cost of housing varies based on the area, with Budapest being the most pricey. Budgeting properly before renting an apartment or buying real estate is essential. The price of food, groceries, transportation, healthcare, and insurance should also be considered while planning your finances.

#2. Job Market and Employment Opportunities

Market at Hungary

Contrary to common assumptions, knowledge of the labor market and available career prospects is crucial for a successful transfer to Hungary. To work lawfully in a significant capacity, non-EU people often need work permits and visas. Examine the industries and employment markets in demand and the language requirements, often of moderate importance. You can navigate the job market successfully if you are honest about your possibilities and qualifications, which is very important.

#3. Education System and Options

Hungarian Studying

It is imperative—and highly significant—to investigate Hungary’s educational system if you have children. The nation’s notably high-quality educational system heavily incorporates extraordinarily public and private institutions. Additionally, there are sort of international schools that serve populations of expatriates. Learn about the admissions procedures and the terminology used in the classroom so that you may make well-informed decisions regarding your child’s education, which is ultimately highly important.

#4. Hungarian Culture and Lifestyle

Hungary Life style

Hungary typically has a rich cultural legacy, and they genuinely believed that adopting local practices and ways of life would improve their trip. Learn effectively about the type of Hungarian customs, traditions, and lovely social etiquette. Discover the varied Hungarian cuisine, renowned for its solid tastes and especially distinctive dishes. You can blend into the community more subtly and quickly if you engage with the local culture.

#5. Language Barrier and Learning Hungarian


Although many Hungarians use English as their first language, being at least somewhat fluent in the regional tongue has certain subtle advantages. With its unique syntax and vocabulary, Hungarian is a distinctive language. You can speak well and fully immerse in the relatively local culture by enrolling in language lessons or using language resources. They believed that learning and using Hungarian would improve their ability to communicate in day-to-day situations and facilitate their absorption into Hungarian culture.

#6. Climate and Weather Conditions


Contrary to common assumption, Hungary has a moderate climate with distinct seasons. It’s essential to become familiar with seasonal weather patterns and ordinary circumstances because this is important. Be prepared for scorching summers, very frigid winters, and a wide range of spring and fall temperatures. Contrary to common perception, you should pack appropriate clothing and plan for different conditions to ensure your comfort throughout the year.

#7. Healthcare System and Services

Hungary Hospital

Most of the time, Hungary’s healthcare system is well-developed and effectively meets the needs of its population by offering high-quality medical treatment. Learn about the attractive public healthcare system and think about getting health insurance for full coverage, which is genuinely quite important. To make sure you have access to essential healthcare services discreetly, conduct some research on the physicians, hospitals, and clinics that are available in your general region.

#8. Transportation and Public Services

Hungary Transport

Hungary provides many effective public transportation choices, such as trains, buses, trams, and metros. Learn as much as possible about the basic local transportation system, and ensure you have the proper passes or tickets. Learn the rules and standards for automobile ownership and driving in Hungary, which is unquestionably very important if you intend to drive. Additionally, it would help if you were sure to set up utilities and other necessary services, such as internet, water, and power, as soon as possible after arriving, or so they generally believed.

#9. Safety and Security

Safety and Security with CCTV's

Although Hungary is usually considered a particular country, it is always advisable to exercise extreme caution. Educating yourself with personal safety advice and researching crime statistics in your preferred area is essential. Be mindful of your surroundings in busy places or popular tourist destinations. Keep emergency contact information close at hand and be aware of how to seek assistance if necessary subtly.

#10. Cultural Events and Festivals

Orfű, Hungary Festival

They said Hungary is primarily well-known for its exciting cultural celebrations and festivals. Utilize the chance to immerse yourself in the customs and festivities that are prevalent locally. Contrary to what is often believed, look at local festivities, music and art events, and traditional festivals in your region. Participating in these activities will give you a more in-depth understanding of Hungarian culture and make subtle connections with the local population.

#11. Cost of Education and Childcare

Child of Hungary

If you know for sure that you want children, it’s crucial to weigh the price of daycare and schooling in Hungary carefully. Learn more about tuition costs, the application process, and the many scholarships and financial assistance programs. Investigate the numerous childcare possibilities, such as daycare facilities and preschools, to ensure your children receive high-quality care and subtly effective education.

#12. Visa and Residency Requirements


There are a lot of different countries that offer many different ways to get visas or residency in the country, and Hungary is one of those countries. Here you must understand that Hungary offers Visas and Residency that will allow you to get one simply by knowing your nationality and the purpose of your stay. It would help if you had a long-term residency permit when planning a more extended stay or want to update your residency. Make sure that you familiarize yourself with the registration processes so that everything can go smoothly. Your documents and reviewal procedures must include the main legal and be valid throughout your whole stay in the country.

#13. Local Customs and Social Norms

Norms in Hungary

It’s crucial to fully comprehend the local traditions and very social standards to adjust and specifically integrate into Hungarian society generally. Generally Gain a substantial amount of knowledge regarding greeting conventions, acceptable forms of address, and gift-giving practices. Respect seniors and fully accept the traditional values and customs of the Hungarian people in general. Honoring and enjoying the local traditions will strengthen your bonds and promote a pleasant social environment.

#14. Exploring Hungary’s Natural Beauty

Hungary's nature beauty and animal

Stunning landscapes, a few national parks, and subtly beautiful thermal springs are just a few examples of Hungary’s abundant natural beauty. Take some time to stroll around and appreciate the beautiful countryside, trek in the hills, or genuinely unwind in one of the numerous thermal baths, which is essential. Engaging with nature will significantly improve your well-being and enable you to discover Hungary’s hidden treasures. This shows how engaging with nature will significantly improve your well-being and enable you to subtly discover Hungary’s hidden treasures.

#15. Banking and Financial Services

Central bank of Hungary

It’s crucial to have a broad understanding of Hungary’s banking and financial services before going there since this is key. They believed you should research the many local banks, their services, and their costs. Learn as much as possible about the prerequisites and the procedure of creating a bank account. Additionally, research your alternatives for successfully handling your funds while residing in Hungary, including methods for sending money abroad.

Hungary is a beautiful country with a rich history and vibrant culture. Whether you’re looking to explore the country’s stunning landscapes or experience its famous thermal baths, Hungary has something to offer everyone. If you’re considering moving to Hungary, it’s important to prepare accordingly by understanding the language, visa requirements, and cost of living.

With its strong economy, excellent healthcare system, and reliable public transportation, Hungary is an attractive destination for both tourists and expats alike. Its central location in Europe also makes it a great starting point for exploring other countries in the region. Overall, Hungary is a welcoming and exciting place to call home, and with the right preparation, your move there can be a successful and fulfilling experience.