8 Fascinating Tourists Attractions Around The World You Never Heard of

Sunset in China's rainbow mountain

Ever consider the nature of beauty. Nature creates beautiful sceneries which are magnets for many folks around the world. But if we go deep then we can see several strange places to travel which fascinates our mind. Some of these places are:-

1# Canada’s Spotted Lake:-

The Spotted Lake near Osoyoos Canada is a saline-alkali lake that creates the circles when it dries out in the summer.

In British Columbia, there’s a lake name Spotted lake. As the name suggests some spots are different in color from each other. In summers, when the water of the lake evaporates the water remains in small spots. The water in these small pond-like spots varies in color. Some of them are blue, green and yellow. According to scientists, the color difference is due to the concentration of minerals in each pool. This lake is located in the Northwest region of Osoyoos. It became a tourist attraction in the summers. According to Canadians, each spot has different medicinal properties. Visitors can see the lake from far only. One can’t go near to these spots cause it is considered sacred by Canadians.

2# Arizona’s Antelope Canyon:

A view of the rock walls of the Lower Antelope Canyon outside Page, Arizona.

Have you seen Antelope Canyon in the default wallpapers or screensaver of your Computers? But they are present on the page, Arizona in real. Their beautiful design can fascinate one’s mind and soul. You can spend many days seeing their beauty and pattern. The reason behind these unique patterns is water erosion. Due to erosion, walls became smooth and came in unique shapes. When sunlight touches the walls of mountains, it starts shining. However, the patterns are so interesting that one can be lost while hiking them. It is not difficult to hike as there are stairs which help a lot. Due to its shiny walls and pattern, Antelope Canyon is popular all over the world.

3#Australia’s Pink lake-

Pink lake aerial view on middle island surrounded blue ocean. Stark contrasting natural phenomenon in Western Australia.

Pink lake, as the name suggests the color of the lake is Pink. Here the question arises- Why the Lake is pink? So, it’s due to the high salinity levels and presence of pink bacteria named Halobacteria. This Lake is small like the big swimming pool. The water present there is not harmful even if one can swim and have fun. But it is disappointing to many travelers now because the water present there has lost its pink color. This is all due to constructions around the area which negatively affect the area. As a result, the lake is losing its salinity, and halobacteria also start fading. This can be the perfect example that how human activities affect these natural wonders.

4# NewZealand’s Waitomo Glowworm Cave:

West Coast, New Zealand.

Cave full of glowworm and limestones. These caves are present underground and appeared as in a fairy tale. You can enjoy this beautiful cave while boating. Not only Glowworms but there is also one more special insect Cave weta that can only be found in these caves. The cave glows because of Arachnocampa Luminosa. This is a species of Glowowrms and it is only found in these caves present in New Zealand. Isn’t it fascinating how nature is creating such things? The age of these glowworms is only 3-4 days approx. They emit light which spread all over the cave and spread happiness to many.

5# Hawaii’s Punalu’s Beach:

Black sand with white sea foam

This beach situated in Hawaii is also known as black beach. Due to a volcanic eruption, The whole beach turns black. It is an amazing cause of white sea waves touching black land is worth enjoying. This place is also famous for the Hawksbill turtle. This is an endangered species of Turtle. Which rarely came out of the sea and takes a sunbath by sitting on the seashore. Hawaii’s Punalu beach attracts millions of tourists from around the world One can enjoy the beach and can click thousand of photos. Moreover, Black sand is rich in minerals and it is good for healthy and smooth skin. If any case you are thinking to take the sand with you and no chance. It is illegal in Hawaii to take that volcanic black sand and rocks.

6# China’s Zhangye Danxia Landform:-

Sunset in China’s rainbow mountain

This place in China is also known as Rainbow Mountains. Zhangye Danxia Landform situated in Sunam and Linze. The mountains present in this area are colorful. The reason behind this is minerals and sandstones that are layering over the mountains and make them look red, blue, and green. As per scientists, there is a huge explanation of the composition of minerals, chemical reactions, or natural processes for this land formation. It is counted as one of the greatest natural wonder. The primary color of these mountains is red with yellow and brown fadings. Due to iron oxide present in the mountains blue and green colors mix in them.

7# New York’s Eternal Flame Falls:-

Image source- buffalonews.com

In the small region of New York, there is a waterfall but the interesting thing is there is an eternal flame that is behind the waterfall. This is not the first time that a flame is burning throughout the year but the place where it is burning is more fascinating. According to scientists, there is some natural gas that causes this burning but even they also don’t have a good answer which can explain Why this place? Or the exact name of the gas? This is mysterious and fascinating at the same time. This is just an estimate that it is burning for the past 350 million years. If in any case, it extinguishes, locals and travelers relit at the same time. According to locals, this flame is considered the symbol of eternal life.

8# Darwaza Gas Crater :-

The Karakum Desert. Turkmenistan. Darvaza. Burning gas crater called “Gates of Hell.” Darvaza is among the ten most unusual places in the world. The area is rich of natural gas deposit.

According to locals, Door to hell is another name of Darwaza gas crater. It seems scary, But this place is so interesting that one can start believing in God again. It’s a 20-meter-deep burning carter situated near Turkmenistan. According to scientists, this crater should stop burning in some weeks but it is burning even after 50 years. Since 1971, this crater is burning, now it’s becoming a tourist place. To take real fascinating pictures and selfies, you can visit a place situated in the middle of the desert. There is a fence around the crater. So, you can enjoy the beauty of being in security.

Stardust and magic in woman hands on dark background

There are so many natural wonders and hard to define all. But all in all, nature is no less than a miracle. If you want to read about some more interesting places to visit, stay tuned.