5 Top Destinations For Music And Dance lovers ????

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????​Evaluation of Dance is quite fascinating all over the world. Every country has its dancing styles according to traditions. No doubt, dances are different but each country knows only one definition of dancing. Dance can be best defined as moving your body in a rhythmic way that can depict your emotions like your speech. Even kids that don’t know how to speak can learn new words and sentences through music and dance. Yes, One can understand emotions in form of dance. But dance is incomplete without music. Like dance music of every country also differs.

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Dance and music lovers can be found in every country. If you are any of these then here are some destinations that are well-known for their music and Dance????​ :-

1# United States of America ????​:-

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National folk dance is famous in the United States of America. The U.S.A is the first country that starts the study of dance separately. The citizens of the U.S. are fun-loving and cheerful. There are some social dances like ballroom dance, folk dance, line dance, and Club dancing. They all originated in the U.S. These dances are not meant for competition or show. They just include fun and enjoy with each other There is no such special education or rules of these dances. One can move anywhere and enjoy himself. If you are a dance and music lover then you must know about salsa, hip hop, and Rock and Roll ,they all are favorites of the United States of America. ????​

2# England, United Kingdom????️​ :

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Morris is the National dance of the United Kingdom. But Ballet is the most popular form of dancing in England. United kingdom is a music lover country. Ballet is one of the difficult forms of dancing. If you are a dance and music lover, you must go to England to see the real ballet. This form of dancing is all done by standing on feet. The entire body weight is on the feet, especially on the thumb of the feet. Even there are some special shoes which need to wear to learn and practice these dance forms. This dance form takes many years to expertise. But still, the dance moves are so beautiful in Ballet that one can imagine all of a fairytale. Not only a Dance form it’s a sport which is very demanding like football and bullfighting. ????​

3# Rio De Jenerio, Brazil ????️​:-

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Samba is the national dance of Brazil which is undoubtedly popular all over the world. This dance is known for its music and Moves. Apart from samba there are other dance forms also like Lundu, Forro, and Lambada. This dance form got early recognition from the United States and western Europe. If you travel to Brazil you can enjoy many carnivals and festivals while performing this dance.  Moreover, this dance form has a traditional origin . They are practicing this amazing form of dance for thousands of years. This dance form includes simple steps with rocky body moves which can be performed solo or in groups ????‍♂️.

4# Seoul, Korea ????​ :-

Young Asian team posing looking at camera. Chinese teenage friends

Dance and Music are rich in Korea. You must hear about K-pop. K-pop is all over Youtube( Social- Media). Korean music and dance are becoming viral day by day. Many performances and concerts are held worldwide because of their popularity. K-pop is difficult as well as looks so perfect when performed by professionals. One can’t understand their moves and it is so fascinating. The fun fact is a normal person can’t think to copy any moves of this dance form. For music and dance lover k-pop is everything. However, everybody’s taste is not the same. It can differ but still, it is the favorite dance form of many. Not only on Youtube but on all social media you can find many short clips which are the most liked videos and fascinates people all over the world. ????​

5# Vienna, Austria ????‍♀️​:-

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Schuhplattler, Ländler, polka and waltz are popular dance forms in Austria but the waltz is well-known for its popularity. If you want to do a party or celebrate any festival in Vienna, Austria then you can start with Waltz without any question. The best part is if you don’t know any steps, then the dance form is all about following the leader. You can see and then try to perform the steps. This is a rotary dance. This is the most popular dance form in balls celebrated in Austria. Harmonica, Flute, Harp, and fiddle are the popular musical instruments that are used in music for Waltz. ????

???? Not only in these countries but every country’s dance and music are evaluated beautifully. You can see every country’s culture and tradition lies in form of their dance form and their music. On one side dance is the best way to burn calories, improve balance and maintain health. On the other hand, Music improves concentration, relaxes the mind, and helps a person to meditate. The best part is there is no age for dance. From child to old all can enjoy dance and music. This will keep your body muscles fit.

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????​ This is not important that your moves should be perfect. Contemporary, Hip-hop, Jazz, Tap Dance, Irish, Modern, Swing are the most popular form of dance, Western, folk, traditional is the main form of music. There is no specific music that everyone can enjoy. It completely depends upon your taste and mood.

???? You just need to enjoy yourself. Additionally, it is the best way to remove your anger and calm yourself. ​To celebrate the joy of music and dance World Dance Day is on 29 April of every year and World Music Day is on 21 June of every year. This states their essence in our lives. This is a great tribute that is given on the world level to these arts. Now dance is emerging as a demanding sport also. To sum up we can say, keep dancing and listening to your favorite music and visit these popular countries ????‍♂️.