14 Most Intelligent People In The World

Intelligent People in the World

The intelligence of people can be compared using a parameter called IQ. IQ stands for Intelligence Quotient. A set of standardized tests or subtests used to measure real intelligence results in a total score known as an intelligence quotient. People with the highest IQ scores can be regarded as geniuses or the most intelligent people. These incredibly intelligent individuals can perform tasks that others are unable to. They have built a lot of theories, records, and innovations. Through this article, let us take a look at the top 14 Most Intelligent People in the World.

#1. Stephen Hawking

Intelligent people in the world

Perhaps one of history’s most accomplished theoretical physicists was Stephen Hawking. His groundbreaking research on the Big Bang and the universe’s structure, as well as his best-selling books, have attracted readers who may not share Hawking’s scientific expertise. Despite being depressed, he was nonetheless able to finish his schooling. His motor neuron illness was present. He is a well-known author and researcher who has also made cameos in TV series. Hawking is held in high regard in the scientific community. He had an IQ of 170.

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#2. Christopher Hirata

people in the world

American cosmologist and astrophysicist Christopher Hirata. He is just a thoughtful individual. He moved to the United States at the age of 13 and won the gold medal in the International Physics Olympiad. When he was 14 years old, he began attending the California Institute of Technology. At the age of 16, Christopher began working with NASA on human missions to Mars. He is a professor at the Ohio State University. Hirata imparts knowledge on subjects including general relativity, gravitational lensing, cosmic microwave background, dark matter, and galaxy clustering. He holds an IQ level of 225.

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#3. Ainan Cawley

people in the world

Ainan Cawley is a brilliant Irishman. He’s now 22 years old. He began attending three-year chemistry classes at Singapore Polytechnic when he was eight years old. At age 9, he mastered the first pi 518 decimal places. He also has a talent for making people laugh. At the age of twelve, he already had the story and music completed for the movie Reflection. He holds the highest IQ ever recorded 263. He is currently pursuing a career in Music. Cawley had said his first word at the age of two weeks, was able to walk at the age of six months, and by the time he turned one, could speak in long, sophisticated sentences.

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#4. Nikola Tesla

Nikola Tesla, a Serbian-American engineer, and physicist pioneered numerous advances in the generation, transmission, and use of electric power. His contributions to the creation of the contemporary alternating current energy supply system have made him a futurist in the first place. He created the AC motor system. He is a well-known name on the list of those with the highest IQs in history. Tesla is an underrated and less celebrated scientist. The automobile ‘Tesla’ honors the scientist by attaching his name to it. Tesla had an IQ between 161 and 310.

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#5. Edith Stern

American mathematician and inventor Edith Stern. Her story began when she was quite young. When she was twelve years old, she began attending college. Stern continued to excel at mathematics when she got older. She also began working for IBM in the late 1960s. Edith graduated from Florida Atlantic University at the age of fifteen. She oversees r&d activities as vice president. Edith also has more than 100 US licenses. She has an IQ of 203. While learning mathematics on a homemade abacus, she was also taught morality and how to have compassion for individuals from various circumstances.

#6. Kim Ung-Yong

Professor and civil engineer from South Korea Kim Ung-Yong. He achieved the highest IQ rating. He enrolled in college when he was just 3 years old. At the tender of 16, he earned his Ph.D. in Physics from Colorado State University. started to work for NASA then after. He additionally holds the world record for having the highest IQ on the planet. He is among the smartest individuals in the world. Kim has an IQ of 210.

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#7. Magnus Carlsen

The current global chess grandmaster is Magnus Carlsen. He is arguably the smartest guy on the planet. He is just the youngest player to hold the top spot. Up until 2010, Garry Kasparov gave him one-on-one coaching. Magnus was praised as “the genius who would only get better” after winning seven chess Oscars. We can get a good sense of Magnus Carlsen’s likely IQ by comparing him to past chess masters and the information we have available about their IQs.

Let us continue ahead with the rest of the top 14 Most Intelligent People in the World.

#8. Christopher Langan

Christopher Langan is a self-taught American horse rancher. You probably wouldn’t believe Christopher is an untrained individual. When he was 4 years old, he started learning how to read. The unexpected thing concerning him is that he left college early. He then began to work as a doorman. The Cognitive Theoretic Model of the Universe was proposed by him. He is regarded as the brightest man alive by some. He legitimately asserts that he is American with the highest IQ. In the traditional sense of the word, he is a scholar. He has an IQ between 195 and 210.

#9. Marilyn Vos Savant

The author Marilyn Vos Savant has the highest IQ ever measured at 228. The average person cannot reach that far. She became known as the smartest person on earth. She led a tranquil life despite the fact that she is highly well-known. Marilyn publishes numerous publications. Her parents kept this information to themselves in order to protect Marilyn and provide her with a typical childhood. They wished to put an end to the exploitative advertisements that might hurt her. But the information was quickly leaked. She is among the world’s sharpest people. She is now an American newspaper columnist with the highest total IQ in the Guinness Book of Records, which has since withdrawn from the competitive category.

#10. Terence Tao

Terence Tao has an authentic IQ of 230. This is the most trustworthy record-high IQ score. Australian-American mathematician Tao, who was born in 1975, has always displayed a remarkable aptitude for the subject. From a young age, he became interested in mathematics. He had significant success at the young age of 10 by authoring International Mathematical Olympiads. He finished his high school diploma, master’s degree, and doctorate when he was 16 years old. The world’s smartest man, he is referred to as the Mozart of mathematics.

#11. Akshay Venkatesh

Just at age of 12, he became the first Australian to compete internationally during both the International Mathematical and International Physics Olympiads. He received the Fields Medal in 2018 for his integration of representation theory, topology, homogeneous dynamics, and analytic number theory. Australian mathematician Akshay Venkatesh teaches at the Institute for Advanced Study. He is an absolute mathematical genius. Along the way, he received numerous accolades.

#12. James Woods

Political science was his major in college. He decided to pursue acting as a career. He has acted in numerous Hollywood productions, including The Virgin Suicides and White House Down. In his career, he has received numerous honors. James Wood scored on the same IQ scale as Leonardo Da Vinci and Einstein. He received astounding pre-SAT scores of 800 in verbal and 799 in math. He received financial aid and enrolled in MIT College. James has an IQ of 180.

#13. John Sununu

Mega society is a part of John Sununu. People in this culture have high IQs. He was formerly a mechanical engineer. The Massachusetts Institute of Technology is where he earned his doctorate. After that, he was elected as New Hampshire’s 75th governor. Later, he was appointed Chief of Staff at the White House. Due to alleged but unverified misuse of power, he quit his job. He is one of the world’s sharpest individuals. He has an IQ of 180.

#14. Benjamin Netanyahu

Following the creation of the state, Benjamin Netanyahu was elected as Israel’s first prime minister. He was a native of Israel. Benjamin had an extremely high IQ and was a smart thinker. In 2010, he was named 11th among the top 50 influential people in the world. He was Israel’s ninth prime minister. He has an IQ of 180.