5 Places That Should Not Exist On Earth

5 Places That Should Not Exist On Earth

There are innumerable places in the world, about which a lot of questions arise in the minds of people, a creator who on seeing it seems as if there is a door to hell, there is such a door that goes wherever it goes.  It happens that there is no dearth of places in the world that make you think about those things again, so today we will talk about such places which should not have been there. Let’s move forward with a tour of such places. Let us look at 10 places that should not exist on earth.

#1. Fly Geyser

5 Places That Should Not Exist On Earth
Fly Geyser Arizona taken in 2015

The Fly Geyser, also known as Fly Ranch Geyser, is a strange-looking thing on the edge of the Black Road Desert of Nevada. From inside boiling waterfalls all around. This is not given to us by nature but is made by humans, this fly geyser was started in 1900 due to the digging of wells in the desert. The water that the people got by digging the well was boiling water. Neither any of this water could be used for agriculture or for drinking. So people tried to cover it, but in 1964, another pit was dug along with the old pit. This makes the water bounce in different directions.

The tax started coming out, and due to this small geysers started forming. As a result, this 6 feet long geyser is there which is getting bigger because calcium carbonate is present inside in the water coming out of it.  And shockingly this mineral is not only increasing its height, but it is also making it more colorful and beautiful.

#2. Lake Karachai

5 Places That Should Not Exist On Earth

Would you like to take a dip in this beautiful river? If you take a dip in this river, you are probably going to do the last thing of your life because this river is the kingdom of the river of death. This lake is situated in Russia since 1915. This river is being used in such a way because of the radioactive gun to throw. The pollution of this place had increased so much that the bottom part of the river had to be covered with concrete blocks. So, that this dirty water could go inside the ground. The filth flowed inside the river and the garbage collected on its banks make this lake hell for the people living around. This has been considered one of the most polluted places in the world.  Guinea is considered the world’s dirtiest river by World Records.

Surprisingly, the more beautiful this river looks, the more dangerous it is due to the volcano. Carbon dioxide gas got mixed in the water and its level increased. And took the form of a cloud and it was covered all around.

#3. Hessdalen lights:-

5 Places That Should Not Exist On Earth
footpath alley with lamp decorations by trees in the park at night. Exterior design in the garden

The Hessdalen lights are the unidentified lights that can be observed in a 13-kilometer-long stretch of the Hessdalen valley in central Norway. Here, about one hundred people live around the village and the valley. Mostly this mysterious light is visible in bright white, yellow, or red color for 1 hour. Such incidents happened not only in Norway but also in other parts of the world. Colorful lights come out of it. When scientists were investigating the places where these lights are seen. They detected a lot of radiation under the ground. It is difficult because there is a lot of radiation behind it and it is very dangerous for the person who sees this light.

#4. Gobekli tape

5 Places That Should Not Exist On Earth
Karahantepe old city, Şanlıurfa, Turkey

Gobekli Tape is one of the oldest places in Turkey. Gobekli Tepe is considered to be the oldest temple in the world. This temple is believed to be in existence even before 12000 years ago. Most of these pillars are ornately decorated with reliefs of wild animals, abstract anthropomorphic elements, and clothes that offer archaeologists a unique sight into religion.  But now what is bothering them is that this place was already built before humans started farming, but how can this happen until people knew how to eat and drink before that?

They were worshiping the Gods, these questions have put people in a dilemma, amazingly there are some places where the souls were worshiped, here hunters can overcome their fear.  Secrets are still lying there which have to be unfolded before mankind. The site’s original excavations, German archaeologist Claus Schmidt, called it “the world’s first excavation”.  La Mandir”.

#5.Centralia mine

5 Places That Should Not Exist On Earth

Centralia was once a very big and happy city in Pennsylvania and it was because of the coal mine that existed here. But the coal that made the city also put an end to the town.  You won’t believe that even today this city is surrounded by flames, and smoke still comes out of the ground from inside at many places, now the question arises how can anybody walk like this?

Let us talk about May 1962, when the coal present under the ground caught fire due to an incident in a small forest. It was a coal mine that slowly got burnt and soon the whole food caught fire.  But this happened in 1962, now you all might be wondering why are we still talking about that incident. It’s actually unbelievable that the fire incident still lives with the people of that town. As the years passed, the land of this city became hot and the temperature of many places reached more than 900 degrees Fahrenheit.

These are 5 Places That Should Not Exist On Earth.

You were surprised to hear about which of the above-mentioned places. And have you also got a chance to see these places? So, will you travel here?

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