Top 9 Best Countries To Study Overseas

Best Countries To Study Overseas
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To give the best education to their children is the dream of every parent. It doesn’t matter whether the child wants to study or not, they just want to give their best in terms of providing education. We all are very well aware of the importance of education in building our future. So, it’s the first step in everybody’s life of enlightenment. Now time is changing and studying abroad is not something that is beyond our reach. In this article, we are focusing on the top 9 countries to study abroad, we have chosen these countries through our research, study, experiences, and different online surveys.

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1# U.S.A:-

The Hill at the University of Tennessee in Knoxville, Tennessee.

The United States of America is considered one of the best countries in the world in terms of studies. Not only to U.S. citizens but also to students from all over the world. Many universities are well-known for their education system. Universities like Harvard University, Stanford University, Columbia University, Cornell University, and many more are famous for their educational environment. Students from all countries try to get admission to these universities. U.S.A universities provide flexible studying opportunities to the students which enables them to study anywhere and at any age. There are more than 3900 colleges and universities in the united states of America.

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2# United Kingdom:-

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United Kingdom is considered the best in terms of engineering, arts and science education, and many other topics. This country follows a high standard of education. They use hi-tech means of studying and also provide students with the best facilities Moreover, they invite students from all the countries to take admissions to their universities and colleges. United kingdom is under the rule of many governments. The rule is divided into many regions but all the areas are best in terms of studying. One thing that is fascinating is that the literacy rate of this country is 99%.

The currency of this country is the pound which has a higher value than Dollars. So, this can be a little disappointing for many students from other countries to bear the expense. But as the world says, the best needs money. Have you ever heard of the University of Oxford? This lies in London City of the United Kingdom which is well-known worldwide for its education system. Other universities like the University of Cambridge, Imperial College, the University of Manchester, the University of Birmingham, and many more are famous for studies around the world.

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3# Switzerland:-

Swiss Federal Institute of Technology main building in Zurich

If you want to study business in the future this country proves to be the best option. The education system of Switzerland is mainly known for its offers of scholarships to students. They not only provide the best business education but also the tuition fees are less compared to the rest of the biggest countries in the world. If the student is bright and can do something big then the Government of Switzerland is always willing to offer them free higher education. The currency of this country is the Swiss Franc which costs almost a dollar. Switzerland also holds 99% in terms of literacy rate.

After education, Switzerland also provides good employment opportunities. The University of Zurich, University of Basel, Geneva Business School, Webster University, and many more are well-known for their high standard of education. As we said it is affordable it can be hard to take admitted to these universities, So, You need to study hard to take admitted. In this country, you can study high education in a good environment as this country is also a fascinating destination.

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4# Denmark:-

Tietgenkollegiet and the IT University in Copenhagen

Denmark comes among the top rating countries in terms of education. The Danish education system is well-known for its master’s degrees, Ph.D., and artistic degrees. The currency of Denmark is the Danish Krone which is of higher value. Denmark is also ranked among expensive countries in terms of education. According to Danish Government, Secondary education is compulsory for locals. That is the reason this country also holds approx. 99% in literacy rate. Not for locals, Denmark is also a high standard spot of education from all over the world.

The university like Arhus University, Copenhagen University, Roskilde University, The Royal Danish Academy, UCL University and many more are well-known for their studies. In Europe, Denmark is considered one of the popular destinations for study. The education system in Denmark is flexible, hence providing you a good time to do work and to study as well.

5# Finland:-

According to the 2021 ranking, Finland is considered third in terms of education. Of the above-discussed countries, Finland is the most practical when it comes to studying. This country makes its students believe in cooperation rather than competition. Maybe that’s why Finland also ranks as the happiest country in the world and also ranks in Crime free country. This country is best in means of junior schools like 1st to 10 Class. No doubt child’s foundation can only be laid at this age. Moreover, higher education in colleges is free in Finland with certain conditions. This country welcomes students to study from all over the world. The currency of Finland is the Euro which is higher in terms of rate but still, this country costs less in tuition fees.

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6# Sweden:-

When it comes to the best education system, Sweden is one of the best in the world. The literacy rate is 100% in Sweden. Because of the efforts of the Swedish Government, the Education cost is less in this country. If you want to study with the best doctors then you can get admitted to medical college without even thinking once. This country provides the best studies in every field. Everything is balanced perfectly here, like in this country students get a break of 15 mins after every 45 minutes of class to maintain the balance between health and education. Moreover, the tuition fee is too less that it doesn’t become a burden on parents. Stockholm University, Karolinska Institute, Lund University, Orebro University, Dalarna University, and many more are famous for their education system.

7# Netherland :

Best Countries To Study Overseas
Delft city in Netherland, Europe

Netherland’s education system is well-reputed worldwide. Most Dutch schools are providing Free education. This country is best in providing education to foreign students. The universities in              Netherland are divided into two sections. The first one includes Research-oriented universities and the second is higher Professional Education. The first one includes research and subjective-based subjects while the second includes professional and practical knowledge. After completing Senior secondary one can take part in one of these universities according to his own choice. In terms of studying, this country follows Finland.

The currency prevailing in Netherland is Euro, So, you can estimate good tuition fees with certain scholarships in this country. This place also holds a 99% literacy rate in the world. Universities like the University of Amsterdam, Utrecht University, Radboud University, and many more are highly ranked universities.

8# Canada:

Canada is becoming an emerging country in case of education. In this country, you will find each province has its famous university. All the tuition fees and fields of study are provided at reasonable rates. Moreover, if you want to study at high expenses then there are separate universities while the cheaper one is also available. The range of universities is very diverse in this place. This country also provides free Education to schooling students. The specialty of Canada is to provide a various range of courses in terms of every field. It also holds a 99% literacy rate.

After completion of the 12th standard one can migrate to this country for higher studies. Universities like- Mc gill university, the University of Alberta, the University of Waterloo, Queen’s University, and many more are famous worldwide for studying. However, the education system is completely flexible so, you can work along with your studies.

9# Australia:-

Best Countries To Study Overseas

Australia provides a wide range of courses to study in various fields. This country provides many scholarships for higher studies. This place is full of beautiful scenery but has a serious learning environment in universities and colleges. Taking admission to these universities follows easy criteria. You just have to apply for a study visa. By clearing one interview you can move to Australia to study after meeting certain conditions. After completing your education you are also eligible for various internships which can help to take good employment in the future. This is worth mentioning that communication with universities and colleges is very easy. Universities like Monash University, UNSW Sydney, RMIT University, Curtin University, and many more are well-known on the international platform.

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Every country is good in terms of education. Governments of all countries provide special budgets for studies and try to increase the level of literacy. We cannot state only one country which is top in terms of studies. So, these are just some countries which are popular worldwide. But at last we can say, If you are planning to study overseas then select your country carefully and do your own research.